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120pcs 57x38mm Thermal Eftpos Rolls | Paper Roll

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EFTPOS Roll, also known as Eftpos Paper rolls, are ideal to be used with any EFTPOS Machine. Our Rolls are not just economical, but they are also the most convenient to use with portable EFTPOS machines. The image on the rolls is created with the help of a special chemical coating. Due to this thermal coating, once the receipt paper passes over the thermal print head, the coating turns black where the heat is concentrated, and the image appears as desired on paper.


57mm x 38mm EFTPOS MACHINE PAPER ROLLS are used by the entire e-Commerce, retail, and banking & finance market and have become a billion-dollar market.

57mm x 38mm Rolls can be used with Tyro, Eway, Anz, CBA, WESTPAC, NAB EFTPOS Machines and are one size fits all.

  • Eftpos Paper Roll
  • Anz Eftpos Roll
  • Westpac Eftpos Roll
  • Nab Eftpos Roll
  • Commonwealth Bank Eftpos Roll
  • Tyro Eftpos Roll

Receipt Paper

Thermal receipt rolls, also known as Receipt Paper and Docket Rolls, are used in POS printers, cash registers and standard receipt printers. Available in the standard size of 80mm x 80 mm Receipt Rolls. The technology of receipt rolls allows them to be compact and hassle-free for usage. Receipt paper rolls deliver clean, smudge-free, legible printouts consistently.

Product Information:

  • Made with 60 GSM.
  • Paper and three layers of material.
  • High quality EFTPOS roll with sensitive thermal coating.
  • Delivers clean and legible prints consistently; long-lasting and fade resistant.
  • Five years shelf life.
  • Ideal and compatible with all standard receipt printers.

Benefits of Using EFTPOS Paper Rolls

Recently, business processes have undergone tremendous changes. We live in an instant generation, and everyone expects instant results, instant service, and even instant satisfaction. As a business person, you must keep up with the changes; otherwise, you may lose market share to others that are constantly adapting to change. One of the technological changes is in receipting. There has been the transformation of duplicate receipts to revolutionary EFTPOS paper rolls. This is a computerized system that can generate receipt paper immediately after the customers make a purchase. All you require is a computer, a thermal printer and an EFTPOS paper roll. Here are some advantages of using EFTPOS rolls in your business.

  1. Ease of Use

EFTPOS paper rolls are small and lightweight to use. You only need to take the paper roll out of the box and insert it into the printer to start printing the receipt; all of this can be done in a few seconds. When EFTPOS paper rolls work in the printer, they do not require ribbons or ink cartridges because their surface is coated with a chemical layer, and they can provide high-definition images under the heated printer head.

In addition to saving money without the need for traditional paper and ink, it can also save a lot of maintenance costs. This is because thermal printers have fewer moving parts and fewer paper problems, so they don’t need as much maintenance. Therefore, it is very easy to use EFTPOS paper rolls in the printer. 

  1. Transparency

The automated EFTPOS system makes transactions completely transparent. Sales representatives cannot print two receipts. In either case, all sales are captured and stored in the database. After all, everyone is responsible for their sales accounts. As a business owner, the ability to track and verify all sales can ensure you get the most benefit from your business.

  1. Variety

EFTPOS rolls are available in various sizes and qualities. You can buy various EFTPOS rolls from your paper supplier at any time.

  • Paper roll size: You can use different paper roll sizes, from the smallest 32mm to the largest 80 mm. The size of the paper roll depends on your printer model. For example, the 80mm paper roll size is mainly used for thermal printers and cash registers. The 57mm paper roll size is mainly used for credit card terminals and mobile payment terminals.
  • Customization: Tired of plain EFTPOS paper receipts? Your EFTPOS paper can be branded to stand out in the market. You can print your company logo, brand name, website, promotion or any other information on EFTPOS paper. Branded receipt paper can be used as an advertising tool. When customers look at the receipt paper, they can see your brand on it, which can deepen the impression of your brand in the minds of customers.

So we looked at some of the advantages of using EFTPOS paper rolls, such as ease of use, transparency, and variety of choices. Are you ready to use EFTPOS paper rolls in supermarkets or restaurants? If you want to buy high-quality EFTPOS paper rolls at wholesale prices, please feel free to contact us; our sales team will be happy to help you choose the correct size and arrange delivery for you.

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Our rolls come with good packaging that protects the rolls from heat/damage/discolouring and moisture to ensure longer shelf-life and easy damage-free transit and storage. These premium rolls are made from the best papers, and here at Newpack, we stock two sizes that are quite common throughout Australia.