How To Choose Right Packaging For Your Products

The packaging you choose is almost as important as the product’s quality, which means the way you package your products will say a lot about them. It is one of the first things customers perceive, not just about your product but also about your brand as a whole.

Besides making your products look presentable, good packaging ensures that your products stay safe and secure. The right kind of packaging can make your product an instant hit with your customers. And, we all are aware of how important first impressions are!

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Here are a few vital aspects that you should keep in mind before choosing your products’ right packaging supplies.


A central question that one should always ask while choosing packaging materials is, what sort of product do you have?

Your packaging should conform to your products’ needs. There is a wide choice of materials to choose from when it comes to packaging materials. You can opt for corrugated cardboard boxes for selling packaged food products and for shipping purposes; metal tins for canned goods; bubble wraps for packing electronic products to provide cushioning protection and prevent damage. Flexible wraps are best used for dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hardware items, and retail products to protect and extend shelf-life. Check here for the complete range of products.


Yes, the shape and size of a package are important details to keep in mind while selling your products. Try to find a solution that works best for the packages’ distribution and is clearer to understand. Let’s say your product packaging comes in different sizes. Consider how you can be economical with the dimensions of your mailer boxes.

You might be able to design two different sized packages that will accommodate perhaps four different sizes, and it will save time and money. While the trend for some packaging may be leaning to smaller and more convenient sizes, you need to remember your products’ dimensions. It will ensure consistency throughout your products – and guess what, people like consistency.


Plan and estimate your packaging budget considering the cost of the material and other expenses. Find a way to balance your product’s needs and your budget. Consider whether your customers will be willing to pay more for a grander packaging using expensive material? Sometimes there may be no problem in sticking to a cheaper packaging solution. Finding the right balance will primarily affect the success of your business. Find the price range that we offer.


Yes, all the above need thorough consideration for your products to thrive by getting positive customer reviews. However, the design is equally important for the success of any product. If the packaging doesn’t appeal to customers, it’s not going to sell the product/ item inside it. Again, material plays a huge role in the overall design of a package, so be sure to consider all types. Functionality is also essential. Keeping your intended audience at the forefront of your design along the way will help you accomplish overall success with the package design. Understand that the type of material you choose to use in your packaging design also becomes part of your brand, so any disconnection between your materials or design will confuse the consumers and make them lose trust. Get ideas for customisation.


People are getting socially aware of being environmentally friendly. Consumers nowadays like to see more recycled packaging for their goods. They prefer sustainable packaging to standard options, which can result in future harm to the environment. After knowing all this, can you afford to not listen to all the potential customers’ needs? Of course, you can’t, and you won’t. To not lose your customer’s trust, look into packaging options that are both effective and sustainable.

NewPack designs your packaging in such a way that it can be recycled and reusable.


Once you decide on the package design, it’s time to consider its capability to sustain damages during transit. Regardless of how unique the design is, if the package can’t be delivered intact, it will do you no favours. If your product is bulky, delicate, or of any unusual shape, it’s essential to consider the materials designed for strength. Durability is paramount to successful packaging, and ease of transportation should be considered when coming up with your package design.

Choosing the right packaging for your products can be a tough decision. But the good news is that there are a lot of options to choose from. At New Pack, we work with businesses of all sizes to ensure our customers the very best and right packaging supplies.

So now you know what you need. So what’s holding you back? Choose your products now and start your business today!


    5 eCommerce Product Packaging Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

    In a world where things are usually judged by the cover, very often customer decision to choose products has been influenced by the attractiveness or utility of the packaging with which it is being delivered. Apart from being attractive, a package should be functional and durable and help preserve its quality until it reaches the buyer.

    “Good design is good business.”

    – Thomas J. Watson Jr.

    Tips to follow

    1. Know your products and pack it accordingly

    Look into your products and explore about them. Knowing the measurements and weight is important, but you should also keep in mind its construction. Is it vulnerable in one place or fragile in general? Does it need to remain dry or to be kept at room temperature? Mailing boxes or shipping boxes will be your saving grace. Not every product is of the same size, so observe the specific necessities.

    1. Make the product details explicit

    Printing on the packages, be it product details or images, should be clear and precise; simultaneously, all relevant information required must be available on the pack. If you sell organic products or items, then make those details clear, as they can set you apart from the competition.

    1. Always be aware of your competition

    It would always be better to keep an eye on what the competition is doing to offer something better than them or make your packing unique to stand out from the competition.  It would help you craft all the details for your success.

    1. Clear typography

    The first look that you offer to your customers should be great to glue on to your offer while they scan or surf for products. Using appropriately sized fonts helps in getting the attention of customers. Clear and concise lettering is always preferred. Fancy fonts are still a hassle to deal with.

    1. Follow up with your customers

    Plenty of stores or sellers or business houses let communication end as soon as the order is in a customer’s hands. Make sure not to do that!

    At the end by sending them a survey or a quick email, you’ll improve your customer service by prompting them to fill out feedback forms, which makes them feel enormously appreciated.

    Mistakes to avoid

    1. Outdated

    If your packaging speaks the old world, the customer might perceive that your product does not have any unique feature. So try and incorporate modern packaging trends in both inner and outer packing.

    1. No fillers

    When there’s space in a shipping box, the item sent can shift and move around–unless you use fillers to take up space. The objective is to occupy the space with the least weight and trouble.

    1. Difficult to open

    If the customer spends half the day trying to figure out how to open packaging, it may be considered a significant flaw. While tape may not generally be the best package sealer, packing boxes glued shut are even harder to open, which can be frustrating and disappointing for buyers. Packages must be secure with easy-tear perforations.

    1. Over designing

    Have you ever heard of the acronym KISS? Keep it simple stupid!

    KISS applies to product packaging also. Simple and straightforward packaging will grab maximum and immediate attention.

    1. Non-recyclable Materials

    Take care to use environmentally friendly packaging to make it appealing to your customers. Avoid the mistake of upsetting e-commerce buyers and causing more waste. Opt for “green” options, like packing boxes and cardboard shipping boxes that can be reused or recycled.

    For more information on specific packaging with mailing boxes, read our article easy packaging with mailing boxes.

      Easy Packaging with Mailing Boxes

      Before we talk about mailing boxes, called either packing or shipping boxes, we should think about the utilities of good packaging and how they can enhance the brand value and garner improved customer experience for the products being shipped.

      The purpose of packaging is to protect the products/contents packed from any damage during transport, handling and storage. 

      Now one would wonder what exactly a Mailing box is?

      A mailing box is a paperboard packaging designed to ship products. It is easy to assemble and may require adhesive tape for securing as some boxes comes with interlocking flaps and wings. Its double sidewalls make it durable and more resistant to transit damages than other types of paperboard packaging; it can be re-used repeatedly.

      One of the most critical aspects of business online or offline is ensuring that the products reach the customers without damage. Getting the products safely in proper shipping boxes to customers helps reduce return requests, which in turn helps with cutting costs and increasing business profits, so also choosing the right type and size of shipping boxes and packing boxes.

      With the increase in online shopping, it’s not unusual for consumers to get several packages in a day. So how can you make sure yours’ stands out?

      The answer is ‘easy packaging with mailing boxes’, and to put a cherry on top of the cake to say so; branding or customizing your mailing boxes with your logo to make a positive impact on your customers.

      Packing boxes are an excellent option for companies that sell their products online, especially when customers can order anything literally over the internet. Packing boxes have double-sided walls to protect the products from transit damages, heat, light, humidity, external punctures, etc. They are ideal lightweight, handy and sturdy, making it easier to facilitate their transport. They can be quickly shipped in a truck, onboard, and even on an airplane. The lightweight mailing boxes are easy to handle and move during packaging, loading, and unloading. The best feature is that you can customize mailing boxes according to various shapes and sizes.

      Mailing boxes are great for presenting materials to clients as they add value and quality to the package being delivered by giving you advertising opportunities. A well-designed customized mailing box will allow you to communicate with the target customers at every stage of the shipping process with its visibility. It is said that as your product is travelling, your company logo is also travelling. By the time it reaches the final destination, it may have passed through numerous people, which will help your company gain more popularity and brand recall.

      When an order is packed and sent to the customer, it’s got to survive the journey and arrive at the customer’s door intact. Nowadays, the unboxing moment is critical to the customer’s experience that they even film such things. So if someone makes an unboxing video of one of your packages, your product will be the star, with the packaging you ship it in being its medium. Good packaging may only catch your customer’s attention for a moment, but it will leave lasting impressions.

      Look for your suitable mailing box!

      For more information on product packaging, read our blog on 5 E-Commerce product packaging tips and mistakes to avoid.

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