Bubble Mailer

Bubble Mailer: Everything to know about Bubble Mailers

Bubble Mailers

Bubble Mailer 

A bubble mailer is an envelope with bubble wrap lined up inside. The outside of the envelope is usually made of paper or plastic. Bubble wrap mailers are designed to protect fragile and sensitive packages during the transportation process. This is because air-filled air bubbles provide better cushioning than standard envelopes. 

How Does Bubble Mailer Protect Your Package? 

Luggage is often bumped, dropped or stacked during the transportation process. Bubble mailers protect valuable or fragile items from damage in transit or in transit. The bubble envelope is made of bubble wrap that surrounds the items inside with an air-filled cushion and provides a barrier in the event of a fall or throw. In general, the larger the air bubbles at the time of shipment, the more protection is provided. 

What kind of bubble mailer do you have? 

New Pack offers several styles of top brand bubble envelopes and mailers, including Paper Padded Envelopes & Bubble Mailers. There are several recycled padded mailers with recycled contents. These options ensure the safe delivery of the package to its destination without the use of new materials in the package. Find the solution that best suits your needs, 

Keeping in mind the following considerations: 

Bubble Mailer in Different Sizes 

Bubble Mailer is available in different sizes. The width is from 4 inches to 20 inches and the length is from 6 inches to 39 inches. Small bubble wrap is ideal for transporting or storing items such as jewellery, discs, and small electronics. Large mailers are great for photography and other art. 

Sticky Bubble mailer

The Peelandseal bubble wrap is sticky so you don’t have to worry about taping the package. This makes it easier to seal envelopes and provides additional protection during the shipping process. 

Paper, polypropylene, metal and plastic bubble mailer 

Paper is the most common shipping material, but there are other variations as well. For packages that require water tightness, opt for air cushion polypropylene shipping. Metal bubble mailers are bold and colourful. This is perfect when sending gifts or when you want to add a touch of personality. Plastic mailing bags are lightweight and durable. 

Eco-friendly Bubble Mailer 

Shoppers looking for eco-friendly options can find some, including recycled or post-consumption content. This reduces the impact on the environment and avoids the amount of landfill waste. Look for a particular symbol in the package or list to determine which one meets your requirements. In addition, most bubble wrap is made of recyclable materials, allowing users to continue the cycle. 

Bulky Bubble mailer

For individuals, companies, or organizations that ship in bulk, buying bubble wrap in bulk can save you a lot of time and money. New pack offers pack sizes from one size up to 1,000 bubble wrap, and a  variety of sizes in between. When you buy a larger package, you can reduce the need to go online or go to the store to make additional purchases and save on shipping. 

How can I use Bubble Mailer?

The Bubble Mailer can be used by small businesses that ship products frequently, to send important emails in everyday homes, or simply to keep the items you want to protect safe. Add a professional touch to your shipments with address labels or personalized shipping labels.