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Using Bubble Mailers to Ship Fragile Items

Bubble Mailers

Using Bubble Mailers to Ship Fragile Items

The Protective Padding of Bubble Wrap Technology

Bubble mailer is a protective material widely used in industrial and commercial applications. Several engineers accidentally invented it in 1957 when trying to create a three-dimensional wallpaper from plastic material. Bubble wrap comes in a variety of shapes and comes in a variety of sheets with different bubble sizes. Bubble wrap is usually a polyethene compound glued between two pieces of plastic. Bubble wrap in a single sheet of bubble wrap is 1/4 inch to 1 inch (or larger) in diameter, and the larger the bubbles, the better the stability and protection. Some bubble wrap contains antistatic compounds, making it ideal for use in electronic devices. The long history of bubble wrap in the packaging and shipping industry is strong proof of its effectiveness.

Mailing Envelope Durability

The Bubble Letter is made of bubble wrap included in the mailing envelope. Bubble wrap is extremely resistant to shock and static electricity, but it is unwise to send items by bubble wrap alone. Bubble wrap is non-greasy and slippery, so items shipped in bubble wrap can slip off the sleeve and be damaged if not properly packed. I am using a mailing envelope here. Shipping envelopes are processed to high quality. A coarse, tear-resistant paper foam is created by treating wood chips with sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide. Kraft paper is extremely durable and elastic and is included in candy wrappers, shopping bags and shotgun shells.

If you want to use the bubble mailer

The bubble wrap has a very durable exterior and interior pads for parcels. Therefore, this type of mailer is ideal for mailing flat, sturdy items that require a little extra padding to go through the trip. Bubble mailers are ideal for books, CDs, DVDs, jewellery, small electronics, certain auto parts and badges.

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to ship fragile goods without breaking your bank, Bubble Mailer is the perfect option for you. Its slim profile and excellent durability make it ideal for transporting small items that may be damaged during shipping. If you want to ship fragile items in a flat shape, you can use bubble wrap to ensure that the items arrive intact.


Perfect for kids when they are in school. Whether you give out an iPad, Nook, or Droid, your child will be happy to bounce off the wall when they receive an email. Grab bubble wrap and create a warm and cosy nest until it is delivered.

Video Games / DVD

Would you like to give a birthday present to your loved ones? Send us video games, movies and CDs! Bubble Mailer ensures that these goods can be safely moved until they arrive at their final destination.


Who doesn’t like sweet and high-quality jewellery? Wrap these delicate items in a bubble mailer to protect them from drops and scratches.

Hey, some people like to keep physical books and scents (yes, scents). Books are a great gift for bookworms. If the target recipient is a child, you can also send a colouring book or pop-up book.

Art Materials

Are your friend’s artists? Send us brushes, watercolours, pastel, pencils, clay and sketch pads. 


One of the great things about mailing a Makeup Kit is that you can’t speak for yourself. Bubble Mailer prevents makeup remover and foundation leaks and ruin.

Gifts on the Door Step

We should not limit ourselves to sending gifts in bubble envelopes to people who live far from us. You may have relatives or close friends who live in the town, but the conflicting schedules make it difficult to see each other. Bringing back a gift from you will sweeten his or her day.