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What is a Bubble Bag used for?

Bubble Bag

What is a bubble bag used for?

A bubble bag is a packaging bag known for its elasticity; bubble wrap protects fragile objects from impact and vibration. By putting your little product in a bubble bag, you ensure optimal protection! These small, fragile products can be shipped in a PO Box or placed in a cardboard box while waiting to be placed on a shelf.

Usually comes with an adhesive strip to make it easier to close. You don’t need a roll of tape; save time and money! This closure is repositionable so that you can use the same bubble bag multiple times.

Finally, the inner sides are smooth and practical so as not to mark the included products.

What kind of products can I put in the adhesive bubble bag?

The Bubble bags can contain small and medium-sized objects (depending on the format you choose). Generally, it is a fragile item that requires special protection to prevent deterioration and damage. For example, place a smartphone, CD, jewellery, or electronic component. The latter also requires the antistatic protection provided by the bubble bag.

This bag can also be used to protect sensitive surfaces such as glassware and cell phone displays.

What are the benefits of bubble wrap?

Bubble bags with adhesive seals have many advantages. It is impact resistant thanks to air bubbles and effectively absorbs impacts and impacts. In addition, it is especially puncture-resistant, thanks to a three-layer plastic film made of low-density polyethene (LDPE) with a thickness of 90 micrometres. It doesn’t stop lightening to the joy of your wallet, as you save money by flanking your parcel!

The bubble bag is also moisture and dustproof, so you can store your products with confidence before placing them on store shelves or sending them to customers. 

Finally, thanks to the integrated adhesive strip, it is delivered ready to use. Simply slide the product to close it. It will be completed in a few seconds. This is useful when you need to pack many items in a row.

What is the size of the bubble bag?

The range of bubble envelopes with adhesive closure is made up of several formats to meet all your requirements.

  • The 10 x 16.5 cm bubble envelope that can hold business cards and spare parts
  • The 15 x 25 cm bubble envelope is A5 or notebook
  • Bubble envelope is 22 x 36 cm and can contain a photo frame or A4 book
  • The 30x40cm bubble envelope can hold a notebook or A4 + book

Thanks to these formats, you can save all your products.