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Cardboard Flute Design: Different Flutes Different Purposes


Cardboard Flute Design: Different Flutes, Different Purposes

When thinking about cardboard, it is often the case that you don’t think too much about the elements of its design. But did you know that the flute is more than just a musical instrument? It is also an important part of the cardboard structural design we encounter on a daily basis.

The flute is the name given to the wavy structure that gives strength to the reinforcement of a corrugated board. The purpose of these flutes is to increase the strength of the corrugated board to allow stacking and to provide insulation to protect the contents of the package.

The flute is available in a variety of sizes with different thicknesses, strengths, and resistances to meet the needs of all corrugated packaging in cargo or display areas.

There is a range of flute types used for different purposes, some of which include:


B-Flute is a popular marketing choice due to its crush and puncture resistance and excellent print surface. Another advantage of B-Flute is that it requires less storage space due to the thinner walls. B-Flute offers the second-highest arch size and is used to hold small products such as canned goods.


C-Flute is the most common choice for durable and versatile boxes, ideal for stacking and commonly used for packaging furniture and glassware. It is estimated that over 80% of corrugated board is made of C-Flute.


This B-Flute and C-flute combination, also known as the Twin Cushion, is widely used in Australia because it is ideal for transporting heavy goods and industrial applications. The combination of B-flute and C-flute increases the strength of the corrugated board and increases its thickness to 9 mm.

This provides additional protection for items inside, allowing you to carry heavy items without damaging them safely.


The E-Flute is ideal for printing because it has the flattest surface of all five flutes. Due to its thin design, E-Flute is ideal for making small cardboard boxes that need to be folded (such as takeaway food containers) and is widely used in cosmetic and skincare packaging.

An increasingly popular option is to combine the two flutes with meeting highly specified packaging requirements. This could mean making durable and robust cardboard that requires a polished printable surface, which could lead to more readily available corrugations in the future.

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