Bubble Padded Envelopes

How to Recycle Bubble Padded Envelopes?

Bubble padded envelopes are cushioned mailers that provide extra support and protection during shipping or mailing. The exterior is usually made of heavy paper or paperboard, and the padding is bubble wrap. They can be tough to recycle, but you can do things with the padded envelopes to be more environmentally sound.

How to Recycle Bubble Padded Envelopes?

1. Determine if your city will grant you to recycle your padded envelopes with the rest of your recyclable trash. Most local waste management departments will permit padded envelopes in the recyclable bins if and only if the envelope and the envelope padding are made of the same material.

  • You can recycle the envelopes in the bins if you have plastic envelopes made with plastic bubble wrap cushioning or paper envelopes made with paper cushioning. The paper envelopes with bubble plastic cushioning cannot be recycled using this way as it is difficult to separate them.
  • Drop off recyclable padded envelopes at recycling centres to recycle but cannot be collected at the curb.

2. Save the padded envelopes you receive until you need to mail or ship something. If you reuse the padded envelopes, then you can recycle them yourself.

  • Place a label over the existing address. If you do not have a large enough label, write your shipping information on a piece of paper and tape it to the address written on the envelope.
  • Allow the post office to put the accurate amount of postage on your reused envelope to avoid confusion with the original postage.

3. Include padded envelopes into your filing system at home or work. Utilize the extra cushion these envelopes provide to store stacks of documents or delicate objects such as jewellery, beads, craft supplies, and decorations. They pile up easily into a standing position when packed together in a box.

4. Return the envelope to the original shipper. Utilized booksellers have been known to incorporate postage that would facilitate their buyers to send the envelope back. Ask the sender if they would like you to return the envelope.

5. Offer the padded envelopes to friends and family who do many online buying and selling. Websites such as Etsy and eBay permit people to sell items online, and they will require ways to ship out their commodities. Ask around if anyone is interested in recycling your bubble padded envelopes for their shipping purposes.


As eCommerce continues apace, the quantity of padded envelopes is only going to grow. Many people are getting increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of what they do, making certain that simple items such as packaging are recyclable is a must.

Typically, most padded envelopes are, usually, recyclable. They are also highly reusable, so while it may seem daunting to have to separate windows from envelopes, bubble packing, you may well be able to find other uses for these things.

bubble mailer

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wraps?

Do you usually use bubble wrap to safely ship items?

At least each of us has received countless programs with the contents packed in them.

Using more environmentally friendly alternatives to bubble wrap, we can save a significant amount of plastic waste.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the problems with bubble wrap and list some great eco-friendly and safe alternatives to “bubble wrap”.

The extent of the plastic packaging problem

Plastic bubble wrap has been the first choice for packaging materials for shipping for decades.

It is usually made transparent, is cheap, and is good for protecting mail.

However, it is important to know that there are better (plastic-free) alternatives that are equally effective.

Companies that think sustainably are increasingly turning to biodegradable packaging solutions.

5 environmentally friendly alternatives to bubble wrap

The following products are some practical alternatives to plastic bubble wrap that are becoming increasingly popular with businesses and individual consumers alike.

While some of these can be found in stores that sell packaging and shipping supplies, all of them can be purchased online as well.

Read below which sustainable solutions are available and which of them are ideal for you.

1. Biodegradable packaging chips

Conventional Styrofoam filling material, like plastic bubble wrap, is not environmentally friendly.

But there are definitely biodegradable “packaging peanuts” as a clever alternative to bubble wrap and Styrofoam filling material.

These eco-friendly packaging chips are usually made from starch or other biodegradable materials and decompose easily without harming the environment.

Most of the time, these vegetable filling materials are even antistatic so that they won’t stick to hands, clothing or other surfaces.

2. Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard consists – as the name suggests – of cardboard or paper and is therefore biodegradable and harmless to the health and environment.

It is recyclable and compostable and, of course, fulfils its purpose of padding and protecting the items to be sent.

While this type of packaging material may not be the safest alternative for very delicate products (so think carefully before using it to protect glass items), it can safely be used with many other products.

3. Shredded paper

Shredded paper scraps are a great practical alternative to bubble wrap as they are completely compostable and very dampening.

They are not only comparatively affordable but also particularly effective in their protective effect. The paper usually comes in a compressed form and expands when you use it.

One downside to using this type of filler material is that you may need to use a little more when packing fragile materials like glassware.

However, since scraps of paper are inexpensive and often (depending on the manufacturer) made from recycled paper, they are a great environmentally friendly option to replace plastic.

4. Wrapping paper

Some companies particularly like to use crumpled paper to fill the voids between the product and shipping packaging and thus protect the products during shipping.

Typically sold as a roll, this type of wrapping paper prevents items in the outer packaging from sliding around, providing cushioning and protection.

The disadvantage is that the cushioning effect may not be sufficient for very fragile or sensitive items.

However, wrapping paper is effective for securing items in their shipping containers.

5. Mushroom packaging

Mushroom packaging made from mushroom roots is an environmentally friendly new packaging material that is easy to compost.

Many big companies are realizing the benefits of this invention and, going forward, will use organic and fully compostable mushroom packaging instead of polystyrene (commonly known as styrofoam) for packaging their computers and furniture.

There are no toxic substances released in the process of making this material, and you can easily compost it in your garden. So this is actually a wonderfully green alternative to plastic packaging.

Creative and future solutions

When shipping items, keep in mind that you can use other items to replace the bubble wrap that you usually have at home.

For example, do you still have plastic bags lying around? Ball them up to use as filling and cushioning material.

Newspapers, catalogues, and old clothes can also be used for upholstery and restocking.

Also, keep an eye out for other innovative, environmentally friendly packaging materials such as algae, seaweed, bagasse and palm fibres.


There is absolutely no reason to keep using bubble wrap, which is so harmful to our environment and health.

As we have seen in this article, there are many better alternatives, all of which are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic.

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Poly Mailers

4 reasons to ship with poly mailers and bubble mailers

Shipping with boxes can be unmanageable and is not always necessary. If you ship non-fragile items, how significant is it that you ship them in big bulky boxes? Ecommerce shipping needs you to cut costs wherever possible, and one method to do this is to cut back on high packaging costs. And poly-mailers offer an astonishingly affordable alternative to standard packaging while additionally taking up less space and being simpler to pack and ship.

1. Affordable

Poly mailers’ most notable advantage is, of course, their affordability. While mailer boxes of similar size can be as costly as $1.25 or more per unit, even when buying in bulk. Poly mailers, though, are generally only about $0.25 per unit when purchasing in bulk.

2. Space-savers

Boxes, even when deflated, take up much space. Poly mailer, contrarily, take up barely any. When you get in the hurry of packing and start laying out your packaging, lately assembled cardboard boxes can chaos your warehouse floor—sometimes even turning your work area into an annoying obstruction course. Poly mailers stack nicely and don’t need the assembly that boxes do. So you can pack more parcels more promptly.

3. Commonly used

Some retailers may have a stigma around using something that seems so flimsy. But, eventually, poly mailers are just very economical and are quite commonplace. If you have ever ordered from Amazon or Walmart, you have likely received a poly mailer. Thus, don’t worry about always delivering brown paper packages tied up with a string; a few of your favourite things have already been delivered in poly mailers.

4. Easy to brand and customize

Furthermore, to their affordability, the poly mailer is surprisingly simple to customize. NewPack knows how essential branding the shipping experience is. The price for customizing poly mailer is also considerably lower than customizing boxes. NewPack let you design custom poly mailer for under a very low price. If you order an adequate high volume, they can be less than $0.25 per piece. Then, you simply upload your design, and they will print it and ship it to you!

Where to buy Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers are easy to find. You can choose a pack of them from our online store or at supermarkets. Purchasing in bulk not only ensures you have sufficient supplies in the event of an order surge but also offers better price differences in volume.

Which type of poly mailers to use for which contents?

Anew, poly mailers work best for items that are not fragile, too heavy or large. Anything from T-shirts to DVDs can ship inside a poly mailer; however, you need to be careful to use the right envelope.

Polybag: Clothing and unpackaged materials that would not pierce or bend the packaging.

Bubble mailers: Items in packaging with angled corners or semi-fragile items, like jewel case CDs or enamel pins. Moreover, wrapping the items in extra bubble wrap helps ensure that they will arrive dent-free.

Which services to use with Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers are frequently shipped with Media Mail and Priority Mail. The service used would be a Thick Envelope or Package. These services are both, ultimately, “Package”. A thick envelope simply refers to the thickness of the package comprising the contents. Any envelope with a thickness of more than 3/4″ is regarded as a Thick Envelope. However, selecting Thick Envelope or Package results in the same rate.

At NewPack, we pride ourselves on the variety of poly mailers and bubble mailers we can offer our customers. Our sustainable packaging line consists of many products proven to work, priced competitively, and most importantly, safe for people and the environment! Contact NewPack to do a sustainability audit on your packaging and determine where you can cut your carbon footprint.

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Bubble Mailer – Smarter Packaging Option for shipping!

Often, you’ve stopped yourselves from ordering a special limited edition CD or that cute yet expensive and fragile jewelry because of your fear of them getting damaged on the way. Many times you had to ship something important and ended up paying extra for a corrugated box just so that you can ensure that it’ll be safe during transportation. Every time while shipping something fragile, our hearts would skip a beat. Not anymore. Now you can ship anything fragile with bubble padded envelopes. As a manufacturer, especially in the E-commerce business, you need to keep your customer’s concerns in mind. Bubble padded envelopes are like the good news that offer an excellent solution to keep your customers happy and satisfied.
Many e-commerce businesses nowadays are choosing to send their goods through bubble mailers instead of mailing boxes. Have you wondered why?

Well, primarily, it is because of its easy application. Padded mailers are less expensive and cheaper to ship. The process with boxes is quite time-consuming; you have to put them together and tape them up. Moreover, many times to find the right fitting boxes can be quite cumbersome, whereas you can simply fill a bubble mailer with goods, seal it, and add a shipping label.

Bubble Mailers are standard envelopes with an additional layer of bubble padding inside the envelope to protect fragile items from damage during transit. It is unwise to ship an object in bubble wrap pouches alone. Even though it is highly resistant to shock and static build-up, since it is non-adhesive, products can easily slide around and become damaged if not packed properly. This is where these padded bubble envelopes come in handy. So remember to choose a bubble mailer, for shipping something fragile or mailing an item that needs extra safety. Bubble Mailers have a laminated paper exterior made of high-quality Kraft paper, a coarse and tear-resistant form of paper. Kraft paper is ideal to use as a shipping paper because of its exceptional strength.

The benefits that these bubble mailers provide are proof that they’re one of the smartest packaging options. For instance, the bubble padding inside the envelope provides a strong protection layer to prevent damage from shock, vibration, and mishandling. Without padding, items can slide around or fall out in the shipping process. If the packages bounce around during shipping the padding can absorb and cushion all the impact. This means that it offers a high level of protection at a low cost. Unlike ordinary envelopes or paper padded envelopes, these bubble padded mailers are entirely weatherproof. When exposed to water or moisture, papers tend to get damaged, but padded bubble mailers are resistant to moisture.

The mailers should always be a bit larger than the shipping object, so nothing is crushed or folded. Be sure to keep a little extra room. Choosing the correct-sized mailer is the most critical aspect to consider before making your purchase. You should make sure that your padded envelope or bubble mailer is not too much larger than your documents or objects; otherwise, the contents will move too much. The contents of your package should easily fit but should remain reasonably tight and secure within the envelope.

To make it more clear to you about bubble mailers being one of the smartest packaging options, here are few more advantages of padded mailers:

  • Lightweight This means that generally, they cost less to ship.
  • Inexpensive Padded mailers tend to be a less costly option.
  • In-built protection These mailers may not need any additional structural support because of their padding.
  • Small Padded mailers take up less space when they are shipped, resulting in cost savings. Plus, they take up less space while storing.
  • Environmental Impact With global warming and environmental deterioration on the rise, many companies are choosing environmentally friendly products. And the good news is that even with regards to environmental impact, bubble padded envelopes are still a smart packaging option.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seller or buyer; at some point or the other, you may have to use the postal service for either business or personal reasons. When it comes to mailing small and fragile items, bubble padded envelopes are one of the best packaging options out there.
Recognizing its utility and efficiency, to provide a choice for a resilient, eco-friendly, and provide value for money product to its customers, Newpack is one of the foremost packaging companies to offer an extensive range of bubble mailers.