packaging advantage with newpack

Packaging Advantage With NewPack

Think packaging, think of us!

Earlier, the packaging did not have much importance, and people saw it as nothing more than just a necessity.
Then what is it that made packaging so important now? “Change!” Times changed, people’s perceptions changed; customers’ expectations increased. Nowadays, packaging is referred to as the silent salesman, i.e., product packaging can play a pivotal role in the selling process.

George Bernard Shaw once said,
“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
Newpack is all about change and adaptability. Every day the team focuses on the company’s vision, understands the dynamic trends, prepares business for future generations, and works towards the mission.
While selecting a packaging material, it is vital to understand all the features of the packaging for your products’ safety. The packaging material should provide you with ease of carrying, transporting, storage, reliability, durability and also save your postage cost. Some of the basic features of the packaging materials, such as strength, flexibility, capacity, and protective capability, determine whether the packaging is suitable for the product or not.

The numerous choices available for packaging and the types of boxes to choose from often make it challenging to select your products’ ideal packaging solution.

Let’s look at some of the different packaging options Newpack offers, enhancing your products and customer experiences!

Most business enterprises require Moving Boxes and Shipping Boxes. Newpack offers the best quality, moving, and shipping boxes for packing products with superior protection and aesthetic value. These boxes are widely appreciated in Australia for their high bonding strength. They are the first choice of transportation for export and import of products worldwide, and they’re also useful in offices and retail business. Mailing boxes are another type of corrugated box that perfectly serves as courier packages and direct packaging for your products. The boxes are constructed from durable cardboard for strength and durability. It is easy to assemble with its inter-locking flaps. At Newpack, we have a variety of sizes of mailing boxes for the customers to choose from. There is not much of a visible difference between these three corrugated boxes, but each type of box is used for a specific purpose.

Now there are countless other packaging products to keep in mind while going through the process of packaging. One of them is Poly Mailers, which gained a lot of popularity in the e-commerce world. They are self-sealing bags with adhesive strips. Poly mailers are a standard packaging option nowadays because they can protect certain products at a much lower cost than corrugated cardboard packaging. The wide range of Poly mailers provided by Newpack is waterproof, flexible and tear-resistant, sturdy, eco-friendly bags designed to ship your products.

During packaging and shipping, certain products require extra care and attention. In such cases, Newpack would suggest Bubble Mailers and Bubble Pouch Bags to its customers. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to ship fragile items without spending a lot, then these two products are the best options for you. Newpack makes sure to provide the best quality and maximum protection to the products during transit. Bubble mailers and pouch bags offered by Newpack provide excellent protection against jolting, vibration, shock, and abrasion. These easy-to-use and self-adhesive pouch bags are waterproof and lightweight, reducing the postage cost.

Now very often, extra care and precaution need to be taken for specific products. The products are first placed in bubble pouches and then carefully wrapped around by a plastic wrap, also known as Pallet Wrap or Shrink wrap. At Newpack, we supply first-class wrap rolls, which are great for moving, shipping, and storage. The wraps protect the products from dust, moisture, and its sticky property resists theft and breakage.

Indeed, the list doesn’t end here, there are many other packaging materials, but the most important of all is the Packing Tape, without which all of it would seem redundant. Tapes have an essential role in keeping the boxes well-bonded and intact on all sides. Newpack offers an extensive range of high-quality Virgin BOPP film with superior acrylic water-based adhesive. Our tapes have excellent adhesion and can withstand high temperatures and pressure. They provide additional protection to packages to seal them effectively and keep them intact to withstand rough handling during transit.

Newpack values its customers and tries to understand what’s best for them. Our motto keeps us going forward and helps us reach many milestones; customers’ success is our success.

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E-Commerce Packaging: A beginner’s guide 2021 by Newpack

The number of E-commerce businesses has considerably grown over the last few years, necessitating effective e-commerce packaging solutions. Today, product packaging is given equal importance as the product itself. With the onset of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) in 2020, the reliance on online shopping has grown and continues even rapidly. Many businesses started to rely on their e-commerce platforms to keep their sale going and keep their brand image intact.

It isn’t easy to brand differentiate with online shopping, as customers can only interact with your products’ images. That is why you’ve to keep in mind that a customized moving box, padded mailer, or simple business envelopes are the singular touchpoint between you and your customers through the e-commerce transaction.

Let’s start with understanding the core purposes of your packaging:

Primarily, the packaging is for protecting the products that you’re shipping.

Secondly, the packaging is a tool to show off your brand’s commitment to quality and customer service and promote your brand.

So with the brief overview out of the way, let’s explore a few specifics which need to be kept in mind.

Determining a budget for E-commerce packaging

Designing and branding aspects of your products often consume a lot of your time and energy when you need to focus on other core issues. That implies controlling your packaging costs and ensuring you get the most value for money. Much of your packing costs and transportation revolve around the type of products you sell – the more sturdy the material, the higher the price, both to buy and ship.

If your company deals in smaller, lighter products, you can get your packing done with less expensive materials. However, if you are trading in odd-sized products for which standard packing is not available, it is better to go for customized packaging. In such scenarios, you may end up saving a lot more on your shipping costs. Another thing to retain in mind is the potential cost of returns. Miscalculating your shipping needs could inevitably drive up your return costs.

Types of packaging

Picking the correct type of packaging can take some effort. It helps in understanding the difference in box sizes and materials to decide on your shipping needs. Let us understand further the different types of packaging materials, from simple mailers to large boxes.

Mailers are now being used to ship any flexible or foldable light-weight goods. They offer basic safety and protection and at the same time save postage and shipping costs because of being consistently light in weight. You can ship a wide range of products through mailers, be it mailer boxes, poly mailers, or bubble mailers. Even if some products require extra protection in transit, bubble pouches or bubble wrap mailers can be used, which provides additional padding and cushioning.

Next, we have cardboard boxes, which are manufactured for specific products of varied shapes and sizes. They provide excellent protection to delicate products from any transit damage. The corrugated boxes are the ultimate option for large scale movement or storage of goods. These corrugated shipping boxes come in a range of single-wall, double-wall, or triple-wall options, and one can choose according to their requirements.

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Securing your package

The way you secure the item or items inside is equally important as the box you ship your products in. There are two ways to ensure that your product remains intact inside the package.

  • Infill: Typically referred to as infill, this item is what keeps your products cosy and comfy throughout their travel.  Infills are used to fill all the gaps in packaging boxes so that products don’t get knocked over during transit. However, as a rule of thumb, it should only be used when necessary as it adds to your packaging costs.
  • Tape: The tape is the most important thing that holds the entire package together. While tape is something that everyone tends to choose the last, it’s not something you should overlook when strategizing your packaging approach. If a customized tape is not in your preference, then the standard clear acrylic tape is perfectly adequate for the vast majority of shipments. It’s cheap, easy to apply, has good tensile strength, and works just fine for securing the packages.
  • On the contrary, Kraft paper tape – both the water-activated and non-water activated varieties – will provide your packaging a bit more punch. It is highly customizable. It comes in all manner of colors, and you can brand it whichever way you want.

Leaving a good impression

Good quality photos and videos of your products drive traffic but it only lasts till the order arrives. Your e-commerce packaging does most of the work after that. It is one of the few ways you can interact with your customer. However, to make the customer believe in their choices, you have to create the “wow” experience during the unboxing process. You can create a long-lasting impression through packaging by being smart about the materials you use, the witty or pun-intended messages you print, and anything else you want to include in the design. You have to take advantage of modern printing opportunities and create beautiful logos; customization possibilities are truly endless. Remember, every little detail can make an impact on a first-time customer.

And Finally …

Don’t let the whole process overwhelm you — instead, see it as an opportunity to connect with your target market. When you understand what your customer is looking for, you will be able to think of packaging ideas that will help you sell your products and attract new customers!

Hopefully, these e-commerce packaging tips will help you as you begin to put together your packaging operations.

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How To Choose Right Packaging For Your Products

The packaging you choose is almost as important as the product’s quality, which means the way you package your products will say a lot about them. It is one of the first things customers perceive, not just about your product but also about your brand as a whole.

Besides making your products look presentable, good packaging ensures that your products stay safe and secure. The right kind of packaging can make your product an instant hit with your customers. And, we all are aware of how important first impressions are!

Starting a new business?

Here are a few vital aspects that you should keep in mind before choosing your products’ right packaging supplies.


A central question that one should always ask while choosing packaging materials is, what sort of product do you have?

Your packaging should conform to your products’ needs. There is a wide choice of materials to choose from when it comes to packaging materials. You can opt for corrugated cardboard boxes for selling packaged food products and for shipping purposes; metal tins for canned goods; bubble wraps for packing electronic products to provide cushioning protection and prevent damage. Flexible wraps are best used for dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hardware items, and retail products to protect and extend shelf-life. Check here for the complete range of products.


Yes, the shape and size of a package are important details to keep in mind while selling your products. Try to find a solution that works best for the packages’ distribution and is clearer to understand. Let’s say your product packaging comes in different sizes. Consider how you can be economical with the dimensions of your mailer boxes.

You might be able to design two different sized packages that will accommodate perhaps four different sizes, and it will save time and money. While the trend for some packaging may be leaning to smaller and more convenient sizes, you need to remember your products’ dimensions. It will ensure consistency throughout your products – and guess what, people like consistency.


Plan and estimate your packaging budget considering the cost of the material and other expenses. Find a way to balance your product’s needs and your budget. Consider whether your customers will be willing to pay more for a grander packaging using expensive material? Sometimes there may be no problem in sticking to a cheaper packaging solution. Finding the right balance will primarily affect the success of your business. Find the price range that we offer.


Yes, all the above need thorough consideration for your products to thrive by getting positive customer reviews. However, the design is equally important for the success of any product. If the packaging doesn’t appeal to customers, it’s not going to sell the product/ item inside it. Again, material plays a huge role in the overall design of a package, so be sure to consider all types. Functionality is also essential. Keeping your intended audience at the forefront of your design along the way will help you accomplish overall success with the package design. Understand that the type of material you choose to use in your packaging design also becomes part of your brand, so any disconnection between your materials or design will confuse the consumers and make them lose trust. Get ideas for customisation.


People are getting socially aware of being environmentally friendly. Consumers nowadays like to see more recycled packaging for their goods. They prefer sustainable packaging to standard options, which can result in future harm to the environment. After knowing all this, can you afford to not listen to all the potential customers’ needs? Of course, you can’t, and you won’t. To not lose your customer’s trust, look into packaging options that are both effective and sustainable.

NewPack designs your packaging in such a way that it can be recycled and reusable.


Once you decide on the package design, it’s time to consider its capability to sustain damages during transit. Regardless of how unique the design is, if the package can’t be delivered intact, it will do you no favours. If your product is bulky, delicate, or of any unusual shape, it’s essential to consider the materials designed for strength. Durability is paramount to successful packaging, and ease of transportation should be considered when coming up with your package design.

Choosing the right packaging for your products can be a tough decision. But the good news is that there are a lot of options to choose from. At New Pack, we work with businesses of all sizes to ensure our customers the very best and right packaging supplies.

So now you know what you need. So what’s holding you back? Choose your products now and start your business today!


Easy Packaging with Mailing Boxes

Before we talk about mailing boxes, called either packing or shipping boxes, we should think about the utilities of good packaging and how they can enhance the brand value and garner improved customer experience for the products being shipped.

The purpose of packaging is to protect the products/contents packed from any damage during transport, handling and storage.

Now one would wonder what exactly a Mailing box is?

A mailing box is a paperboard packaging designed to ship products. It is easy to assemble and may require adhesive tape for securing as some boxes comes with interlocking flaps and wings. Its double sidewalls make it durable and more resistant to transit damages than other types of paperboard packaging; it can be re-used repeatedly.

One of the most critical aspects of business online or offline is ensuring that the products reach the customers without damage. Getting the products safely in proper shipping boxes to customers helps reduce return requests, which in turn helps with cutting costs and increasing business profits, so also choosing the right type and size of shipping boxes and packing boxes.

With the increase in online shopping, it’s not unusual for consumers to get several packages in a day. So how can you make sure yours’ stands out?

The answer is ‘easy packaging with mailing boxes’, and to put a cherry on top of the cake to say so; branding or customizing your mailing boxes with your logo to make a positive impact on your customers.

Packing boxes are an excellent option for companies that sell their products online, especially when customers can order anything literally over the internet. Packing boxes have double-sided walls to protect the products from transit damages, heat, light, humidity, external punctures, etc. They are ideal lightweight, handy and sturdy, making it easier to facilitate their transport. They can be quickly shipped in a truck, onboard, and even on an airplane. The lightweight mailing boxes are easy to handle and move during packaging, loading, and unloading. The best feature is that you can customize mailing boxes according to various shapes and sizes.

Mailing boxes are great for presenting materials to clients as they add value and quality to the package being delivered by giving you advertising opportunities. A well-designed customized mailing box will allow you to communicate with the target customers at every stage of the shipping process with its visibility. It is said that as your product is travelling, your company logo is also travelling. By the time it reaches the final destination, it may have passed through numerous people, which will help your company gain more popularity and brand recall.

When an order is packed and sent to the customer, it’s got to survive the journey and arrive at the customer’s door intact. Nowadays, the unboxing moment is critical to the customer’s experience that they even film such things. So if someone makes an unboxing video of one of your packages, your product will be the star, with the packaging you ship it in being its medium. Good packaging may only catch your customer’s attention for a moment, but it will leave lasting impressions.

Look for your suitable mailing box!

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