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How to choose the best packaging Tape?

Are you moving house and looking for the best way to seal your boxes?

Wondering about various packaging materials required and how to select them? Pondering over such questions is quite normal, but one should always get themselves updated whenever possible.

One of the most fundamental requirements for packing of any sort is “Packing Tape.” Packing tape is used to seal, wrap, bundle items for storage or during shipment. There are various types of packing tapes available, and they differ in material, strength, thickness, width, and so on. One needs to be careful in choosing the right type of tape which suits their requirements.

So, how to choose the best packaging tape that will suit your needs? Don’t worry; we’ve listed all the essential factors that you need to keep in mind. This will help you make well-informed decisions at present or in the future.

1. Material used for the tape

In packing tape, the grade refers to the fabrication of the tape. Grades are made of varying levels of film and adhesive thickness. These grades deliver a diverse range of holding power and tensile strength. Higher grades include thick tapes with many adhesives designed for maximum hold, best suited for heavy-duty sealing. The wider tape is more substantial and will be able to hold more weight. Thin tape may prove to be useful for combining items inside of the boxes.

2. Adhesive strength

When moving, you will want tape with a strong adhesive. This generally implies picking a tape with hot melt inside or acrylic adhesive.

3. Temperature resistance

Always keep in mind the temperatures your boxes and packing tape will endure during transit. You need to contemplate a bit about how your products will be stored and transported to select the right type of tape. Rain, humidity, and other environmental factors will affect your tape’s stickiness, which can affect the integrity of your packaging.

4. Don’t forget about the Quality

The quality of your tape will affect the working capacity of your system. A higher-quality tape is less likely to break or tear, which means your work can run smoothly without any hindrance. Inconsistencies in your tape can slow down your packaging and, at times, even irritate the person handling the tape.

Remember, there are more than ten different types, but not all are made for packaging. Choosing the right tape to seal your packing boxes is important. Using the wrong tape could cause your packages to open or even fall apart, causing damage to your valuable possessions. We have heard of people using different tapes, including duct tapes, masking tapes, or insulation tapes. However, it is important to keep in mind that these tapes are not ideal for securing cardboard boxes.

The points mentioned above were the standard requirements of a tape. Apart from that, when it comes to picking the right packaging tape, you have to consider several factors – such as the package’s weight and dimensions, the package contents’ stability, securing requirements, the strength of the box, and shipping methods. For example, Cardboard boxes with lightweight contents and sometimes even heavy packages might need a regular BOPP tape with a thick micron. Many leading shipping services recommend the use of BOPP tapes or paper tapes.

Eventually, it all comes down to your needs and requirements. Picking the most appropriate tape for any task can save you from a lot of stress. So, be sure to always invest in the right tape!

We hope this article will help you understand the necessary information about packaging tapes and how to choose them!

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Different Types of Packaging Tape and their Uses

While selecting a packing tape for yourself, you should look for the tape’s materials, adhesive strength, quality, and temperature resistance. All these factors help in deciding what kind of tape you require for packing your boxes. Choosing the right type of tape needed for your business is very important because there are chances that if you do not select the right type, it can result in a loss of time, money, and efforts which will eventually lead to a loss in business. There are specific terminologies related to packaging tape that you can use to your benefit, and it will help you in the future to choose the suitable one according to your need:

1.Tensile strength: is the force required to break a tape. It is measured by taking a one-inch-wide piece of tape, grabbing it at both ends, and then pulling in opposite directions to the point where it breaks.

2.Backing material: The backing material of an adhesive tape is a relatively thin, flexible web-based material coated with an adhesive. There are various types of backing material, for example, polypropylene, cloth, and vinyl.

3.Elongation: Elongation is a measure of the extent to which a tape can stretch before breaking. It’s measured in percentages; elongation is a good indicator of how a tape handles or responds to the constant stress of being stretched.

4.Core size: The diameter of the inside tape roll.

5.Dimensions: The length, breadth, and width of the tape are the dimensions.

Packaging Tapes

When packaging is the core job to be performed, many items are needed to secure the package boxes like tapes, tape guns, strapping tools, and many others. Out of these, the tapes offer a perfect finishing touch to the package boxes. Be it for the packaging, construction, or painting industry, the market is filled with innumerable tapes, and each has its own unique features. Some of the most commonly used tapes in the packaging industry are listed below:

1. Double-sided tapes

Double-sided tapes

A thin layer of adhesive is coated on both sides of a carrier substrate material to create a double-sided tape. These tapes have multi-purpose applications and can be used to secure many items or things. Double-sided tapes can be thick and thin and are of different types, i.e., cotton, foam, paper, and many more. You can choose the type of double-sided tape, depending on the surface you are packaging. One clear example where it is most commonly used is for gift wrapping where cards or flowers can be pasted on to the gift in a smart concealed way.

2. Recycled tapes

Recycled tapes

These tapes are a greener option and also come in both transparent and invisible varieties. The adhesives are entirely plant-based and can be used on regular slotted containers with a weight of not more than 100 lbs.

3. Transparent tapes

Transparent tapes

These are the traditional clear packaging tapes that help in fastening and excellently holding package boxes. The tapes’ adhesive strength gives a solid bonding that holds for a very long time and the tapes’ glossiness makes the packages look appealing. Clear transparent tapes are almost always in demand due to their strong bonding strength and are useful to all businesses requiring packaging materials like paper bags, mailing bags, envelopes, etc.

4. Brown tapes

Brown tapes

Brown packaging tape is one of the essential packaging supplies for many businesses out there. Brown tape is ideal for a seamless finish on cardboard, which can be used on almost anything. These are particularly useful on brown paper and cardboard boxes as it blends in. These tapes are heavy-duty tapes and are among the best options to secure a box well in place.

5. Vinyl cross-weave tapes

Vinyl cross-weave tapes

This is the strongest among all the packing tapes that helps keep the product; safe inside the package box for months together with the help of strong hot melt adhesives. The chance of leakage or wastage is close to zero with this packaging.

6. Printed tapes

printed tape

The tape which gives a different perspective to packaging is the printed tape. Printed tapes display the vital packaging message very loud and clear. You can opt for printed tapes to increase your brand awareness among people by securing your packages with a printed tape that has your company logo or carries your brand name. These tapes can also alert the courier people as they have warning messages printed, allowing them to be careful when loading and unloading the boxes.

packaging tape

The primary goal of packaging tapes is to securely hold our packaging together and keep the contents of the package safe. Newpack’s online store offers the widest variety of packaging tapes for different customer needs. From Clear packaging Virgin BOPP tape, Brown Tape to ‘Warning’ Printed Tapes, we have it all. Now you can do thorough research about packaging tapes and select them according to your requirements and preferences.

packaging advantage with newpack

Packaging Advantage With NewPack

Think packaging, think of us!

Earlier, the packaging did not have much importance, and people saw it as nothing more than just a necessity.
Then what is it that made packaging so important now? “Change!” Times changed, people’s perceptions changed; customers’ expectations increased. Nowadays, packaging is referred to as the silent salesman, i.e., product packaging can play a pivotal role in the selling process.

George Bernard Shaw once said,
“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
Newpack is all about change and adaptability. Every day the team focuses on the company’s vision, understands the dynamic trends, prepares business for future generations, and works towards the mission.
While selecting a packaging material, it is vital to understand all the features of the packaging for your products’ safety. The packaging material should provide you with ease of carrying, transporting, storage, reliability, durability and also save your postage cost. Some of the basic features of the packaging materials, such as strength, flexibility, capacity, and protective capability, determine whether the packaging is suitable for the product or not.

The numerous choices available for packaging and the types of boxes to choose from often make it challenging to select your products’ ideal packaging solution.

Let’s look at some of the different packaging options Newpack offers, enhancing your products and customer experiences!

Most business enterprises require Moving Boxes and Shipping Boxes. Newpack offers the best quality, moving, and shipping boxes for packing products with superior protection and aesthetic value. These boxes are widely appreciated in Australia for their high bonding strength. They are the first choice of transportation for export and import of products worldwide, and they’re also useful in offices and retail business. Mailing boxes are another type of corrugated box that perfectly serves as courier packages and direct packaging for your products. The boxes are constructed from durable cardboard for strength and durability. It is easy to assemble with its inter-locking flaps. At Newpack, we have a variety of sizes of mailing boxes for the customers to choose from. There is not much of a visible difference between these three corrugated boxes, but each type of box is used for a specific purpose.

Now there are countless other packaging products to keep in mind while going through the process of packaging. One of them is Poly Mailers, which gained a lot of popularity in the e-commerce world. They are self-sealing bags with adhesive strips. Poly mailers are a standard packaging option nowadays because they can protect certain products at a much lower cost than corrugated cardboard packaging. The wide range of Poly mailers provided by Newpack is waterproof, flexible and tear-resistant, sturdy, eco-friendly bags designed to ship your products.

During packaging and shipping, certain products require extra care and attention. In such cases, Newpack would suggest Bubble Mailers and Bubble Pouch Bags to its customers. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to ship fragile items without spending a lot, then these two products are the best options for you. Newpack makes sure to provide the best quality and maximum protection to the products during transit. Bubble mailers and pouch bags offered by Newpack provide excellent protection against jolting, vibration, shock, and abrasion. These easy-to-use and self-adhesive pouch bags are waterproof and lightweight, reducing the postage cost.

Now very often, extra care and precaution need to be taken for specific products. The products are first placed in bubble pouches and then carefully wrapped around by a plastic wrap, also known as Pallet Wrap or Shrink wrap. At Newpack, we supply first-class wrap rolls, which are great for moving, shipping, and storage. The wraps protect the products from dust, moisture, and its sticky property resists theft and breakage.

Indeed, the list doesn’t end here, there are many other packaging materials, but the most important of all is the Packing Tape, without which all of it would seem redundant. Tapes have an essential role in keeping the boxes well-bonded and intact on all sides. Newpack offers an extensive range of high-quality Virgin BOPP film with superior acrylic water-based adhesive. Our tapes have excellent adhesion and can withstand high temperatures and pressure. They provide additional protection to packages to seal them effectively and keep them intact to withstand rough handling during transit.

Newpack values its customers and tries to understand what’s best for them. Our motto keeps us going forward and helps us reach many milestones; customers’ success is our success.

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5 eCommerce Product Packaging Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

5 eCommerce Product Packaging Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

In a world where things are usually judged by the cover, very often customer decision to choose products has been influenced by the attractiveness or utility of the packaging with which it is being delivered. Apart from being attractive, a package should be functional and durable and help preserve its quality until it reaches the buyer.

“Good design is good business.”

– Thomas J. Watson Jr.

Tips to follow

  1. Know your products and pack it accordingly

Look into your products and explore about them. Knowing the measurements and weight is important, but you should also keep in mind its construction. Is it vulnerable in one place or fragile in general? Does it need to remain dry or to be kept at room temperature? Mailing boxes or shipping boxes will be your saving grace. Not every product is of the same size, so observe the specific necessities.

  1. Make the product details explicit

Printing on the packages, be it product details or images, should be clear and precise; simultaneously, all relevant information required must be available on the pack. If you sell organic products or items, then make those details clear, as they can set you apart from the competition.

  1. Always be aware of your competition

It would always be better to keep an eye on what the competition is doing to offer something better than them or make your packing unique to stand out from the competition.  It would help you craft all the details for your success.

  1. Clear typography

The first look that you offer to your customers should be great to glue on to your offer while they scan or surf for products. Using appropriately sized fonts helps in getting the attention of customers. Clear and concise lettering is always preferred. Fancy fonts are still a hassle to deal with.

  1. Follow up with your customers

Plenty of stores or sellers or business houses let communication end as soon as the order is in a customer’s hands. Make sure not to do that!

At the end by sending them a survey or a quick email, you’ll improve your customer service by prompting them to fill out feedback forms, which makes them feel enormously appreciated.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Outdated

If your packaging speaks the old world, the customer might perceive that your product does not have any unique feature. So try and incorporate modern packaging trends in both inner and outer packing.

  1. No fillers

When there’s space in a shipping box, the item sent can shift and move around–unless you use fillers to take up space. The objective is to occupy the space with the least weight and trouble.

  1. Difficult to open

If the customer spends half the day trying to figure out how to open packaging, it may be considered a significant flaw. While tape may not generally be the best package sealer, packing boxes glued shut are even harder to open, which can be frustrating and disappointing for buyers. Packages must be secure with easy-tear perforations.

  1. Over designing

Have you ever heard of the acronym KISS? Keep it simple stupid!

KISS applies to product packaging also. Simple and straightforward packaging will grab maximum and immediate attention.

  1. Non-recyclable Materials

Take care to use environmentally friendly packaging to make it appealing to your customers. Avoid the mistake of upsetting e-commerce buyers and causing more waste. Opt for “green” options, like packing boxes and cardboard shipping boxes that can be reused or recycled.

For more information on specific packaging with mailing boxes, read our article easy packaging with mailing boxes.