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Compostable Mailing Bags

Compostable Mailing Bags

Compostable Mailing Bags 

Compostable mailing bags are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic mailing bags. They are made from a combination of PBAT and cornstarch and are 100% compostable. At the end of their life, they do not pollute the ocean or turn into microplastics. Instead, they turn into hummus-like materials, commonly known as black gold, that nourish the soil. In general, compost has been used for centuries and is a natural fertiliser for farms, gardens and agriculture. Compostable mailing bags are compostable, but they are as durable, waterproof and sturdy as plastic mailing bags.

What makes a good compostable mailer?

Moving to a compostable mailing bag for your business really helps to free the ocean from plastic, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and ultimately protect the environment. To help you make informed decisions, we’ve put together five characteristics that create a good compostable mailer.

100% compostable in good faith

The first quality to look for in compostable cargo is that it must be 100% genuinely compostable. There is a difference between composting and biodegradability, and many think the same. I explained the difference between the previous posts here. It must have been rigorously tested and investigated to ensure that it can be composted into a compost box or commercial compost at home. For backyard compost, compostable packages are expected to collapse within 48 months. It is expected to break down within 3 months while in an industrial composting facility. This is completed faster than the number of years it takes for traditional plastic transportation materials to disassemble.

Durable and Strong

The strength and durability of the packaging are very important as it acts as the first protective layer for your valuable items. The product must be kept safe during transportation from the storage location to the customer. For this reason, compostable mailing bags must be made sure they are torn and punctured and have the proper thickness for composting.


The last thing customers want is for the product to be delivered wet and damaged. Fortunately, compostable mailing bags are waterproof and, unlike other eco-friendly packages, are insoluble in water. Therefore, if you find compostable transport cartons that dissolve in water or damage the contents of the package, they are not compostable transport cartons.


Knowing the resources we use and how they affect the environment can stop excessive thinking and life in a wasteful disposable culture. Compostable transport cartons are a type of sustainable packaging material that is inherently less harmful to the environment but must therefore be designed for reuse before being placed on a pile of compost.

Knowledge produces grounded decisions.

The compostable mailing bag provides the latest solution to the old problems of plastic waste. Innovation that benefits the environment as well as businesses and consumers. However, to become an informed business owner or consumer, you need to educate yourself on the skills, tests, and certifications required for compostable mailers. This helps you make informed decisions about eco-friendly packaging.