Compostable Mailer

How to Successfully Compost ‘Compostable’ Mailer Bags

Compostable Mailer

How to Successfully Compost ‘Compostable’ Mailer Bags

We all hate unnecessary packaging and waste.

When you buy items online, you are shocked to receive them in plastic or additional packaging.

What to do with this trash? 

People love sustainable packaging companies and customers are choosing sustainable packaging options that are available to both senders and buyers. 

People actually enjoy the feeling of doing the right thing by reusing or disposing of the packages they receive. You need to know how to do it. You can use 

paper to wrap the item and send it to someone in the future, or find another way to use a wrapper (think of reusing the box and keeping the item at home). 

It’s great to have a compostable mailer, but what should I do? 

A compostable mailer is a great idea made with natural ingredients such as corn and tapioca starch. At the end of its life, it can be composted with other junk and debris and decomposed on the ground.  that clearly shows how to properly dispose of all compostable packages. 

 I’ve tried it and it actually works 

 Here are four important steps:

  • Remove labels and tapes (some labels and tapes can also be composted, but it is recommended to check with the store where you purchased them). 
  • Cut the mailer into small pieces so that they fall apart quickly. 
  • Place in a compost box (shipping strips behave like brown debris (like leaves or paper)). 
  • At this point, it is important to add every two pieces of “green” debris such as the remaining food, tea leaves, and fresh clippings. Brown waste, some green is needed 

Rotate and ventilate every few days to allow oxygen to flow through the compost 

This also applies to all other soft plastic packaging received in the package. Did you know that mailers can also be reused?

Some shipments have two sealing strips. Therefore, when you receive a package, there is another strip that you can use the next time you send it to someone else.  You can also flip the 

mailer over and address it to a new recipient.