Custom Packaging

Why is Custom Packaging important for a Business?

Custom Packaging

Why is Custom Packaging important for a Business?

There are so many different factors that influence the perception of your brand. The packaging of the products you have chosen and designed is definitely one of them.

When it comes to custom packaging, it depends on how the product is presented, which in turn is closely linked to the customer’s perception. It can tell a story and form the basis of how you want to present your entire business. Choosing a clean and modern look will leave you with a different impression than a nautical or rustic look design.

When buying something online or at a retail store, the first thing you notice is the packaging. In addition, individually custom printed boxes with the printed logo are supplied. This way, it becomes easy for consumers to find the product in the box. In addition, these custom printed boxes are a great source of information to boost your business’s sales.

Benefits of Using Custom Packaging for your Business

There are many advantages to using custom packaging with a logo.

  • Your brand will get more recognition in the crowd.
  • With the help of printed packaging products and cardboard boxes, many potential consumers become aware of your product.
  • In addition, customers can recognize your company by the printed logo before they see it packed in the custom packaging.
  • These custom packaging boxes protect your items and make it easier to ship goods.
  • Custom boxes are a good marketing tactic to boost your business.
  • Printed boxes are more promising than regular boxes in terms of quality.
  • Customization allows you to create boxes with different styles, designs, layouts, colours and more.
  • Personalization allows customers to choose the box that best suits their needs.
  • These custom packaging boxes extend the shelf life of the product.
  • These eye-catching designs capture the hearts of consumers and leave a lasting impression.

Using packaging as a promotional item

As a company, we use packages with logos as advertising media. If you want to surprise your customers and employees with gifts on a particular occasion, you can present your gifts in a compelling way with individually printed packaging. Advertising-engraved gift packaging is used as gift boxes and as a classic packaging material. For example, restaurant owners, delivery services, and wine retailers deliver products with special promotional products for food and bottle packaging. Customers and guests ordering takeaway food often receive these orders in eye-catching advertising material packaging.

Have the logo affixed to the packaging

At NewPack, you can have your logo printed on different packaging products such as mailing boxes, bubble mailers, card mailers and business envelopes. We use multi-colour digital printing technology to design each package according to your wishes. If you opt for an eye-catching design and a personal finish, your packaging will look individual. For your promotional product packaging with imprint, you can choose between standard cardboard and bright white cardboard.

Packaging as advertising material in small quantities

All promotional packages, including mailing boxes, bubble mailers, card mailers and business envelopes, are available in small quantities in NewPack. From the cardboard box to the business envelope, we can print on any packaging from our assortment in one piece.

Packaging Printing advertising material with logo

At NewPack, you can order advertising material packaging in a variety of sizes and shapes. Choose from a wide selection of boxes and cartons with advertising printing, from mailing boxes to card mailers.

Our focus is on quality to offer your products brand recognition. We can equip you with the optimum custom retail packaging requirements for your eCommerce brand or physical store. Moreover, we are the leading supplier of eco-friendly packaging and offer a huge range of box packaging supplies and custom packaging as per the requirements of our end-user.


Product packaging says a lot about your brand in a fraction of a second. Considering the fact that customers sometimes only judge the value or quality of a product at a glance, this is a factor that should not be neglected. The right packaging can also effectively impact your sales by making it stand out from others.

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