EFTPOS Thermal Paper Roll Uses and Benefits


EFTPOS Thermal Paper Roll Uses and Benefits

Meaning of EFTPOS Receipt

EFTPOS Receipt or POS is proof of the transaction that the supplier presents to the consumer. Point-of-sale printers and rolls are used in restaurant billing, supermarkets, taxis, shopping malls, parking tickets, restaurants, credit card terminals, swipe terminals, and more. Governments around the world require sellers to issue POS invoices to consumers.

EFTPOS Paper Rolls

Suppliers must choose the correct quality and size of POS paper for their printers. Thermal paper rolls are only available from experienced and talented manufacturers of POS rolls. Dot-matrix plain white paper rolls have traditionally been used in impact printers for billing purposes. These days, thermal paper rolls are becoming more popular due to their ease of use in Bluetooth printers, handheld printers, and portable printers.

The thermal paper operates with a heat transfer mechanism. Thermal paper rolls are thermal paper and self-inking paper, which are exposed to heat by thermal paper printers for printing purposes. The main advantage of the thermal paper roll is that the user does not need to add ink to the printer.

Paper Impressions

Thermal paper is self-inking paper, and when exposed to heat, the already injected ink reflects off the paper. The only colours that can be reproduced on thermal paper are black and blueprints.

Credit and debit machines typically use small rolls that are 2 inches wide. A thermal paper roll is required to provide high brightness and crisp printing.

Printed EFTPOS Thermal Paper Roll

Paper Roll can also be used for advertising. EFTPOS Rolls suppliers can pre-print logos, brand messages, promotional codes, trademarks, coupon codes, tickets, lottery tickets, restaurants, kiosks, hotels, motels, supermarkets and parking ticket terms and conditions.

EFTPOS Roll Paper Length

Paper Rolls, Thermals and Dot Matrix are manufactured and delivered in customer-specific lengths. The length of the roll depends on the size of the thermal printer or dot matrix printer.

Supermarkets, restaurants, grocery chains, kiosks, hotels and motels have wholesale and stationery printers, so roll lengths are also longer.

Common roll paper sizes of 230 feet, 250 feet, 50 meters, 70 meters, 80 meters and 120 meters.

Swipe machines, Bluetooth printers, credit card terminals, and handheld devices are typically small, so roll paper lengths are as short as 15 and 20 meters. You need to purchase a large amount of roll paper to protect the printer head of your device.

Benefits of Using EFTPOS Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal paper, once used only in fax machines, has become one of the most widely used types of paper in the business world and today prints everything from receipts to boarding passes. There are several reasons why thermal paper has become so popular, but here are just a few.


The great advantage of thermal paper is that it prints more accurately than regular ink. That’s why lottery companies, hospitals, and those in want of actual precision turn to thermal paper printing services.

Low maintenance and long-lasting

The main advantage of using a thermal paper roll is that there is no ink cartridge to replace, which greatly reduces maintenance. Thermal printing uses heat to cause a chemical reaction. Therefore, all you have to do is keep the printhead clean and tidy and wipe everything regularly. Thermal printers are easier to use and more durable than inkjet printers because they have fewer moving parts. A decent quality thermal printer can have a very long life, even under the pressure of consistently heavy workloads.


For people and businesses that need to move fast, thermal printing is a great option because it’s so fast. Considering every place you visit in a week using thermal printing, that means you’re saving a lot of time at the end of the average week.


If your business has a lot of printing to do, listening to a large printer all day can be a bit annoying. Thermal printers are virtually silent printers, so you don’t have to go home with a terrible headache.

Enables Mobile Printing

Prior to thermal printing, lightweight, high-quality, affordable mobile printing units were too heavy, cluttered, or too expensive to exist. However, thanks to thermal paper, mobile units are now widely used in the retail and hospitality industries, enabling better customer service and more flexible time management.

Thermal paper has revolutionized the world of paper and revolutionized the way businesses around the world print. Printing is clearer and easier than ever, allowing businesses to deliver the relevant printed matter to their customers wherever they are. Although not a “green” printing option, thermal paper printing saves you the trouble of purchasing ink. In addition, recycled thermal paper is now available, making switching even more comfortable.