Top five objects to use EFTPOS Thermal Paper for Printing


Top five objects to use EFTPOS Thermal Paper for Printing

Today, everyone makes debit and credit cards their preferred payment method. Therefore, businesses need to be able to process and accept electronic payments. When you give the customer a valid paper receipt for the item they purchased, the long-lasting one is given to the customer. With thermal paper, this is easy and cheap.

High quality thermal printer paper rolls can improve the billing process while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Thermal paper is woodfree paper coated with a particular chemical that changes colour when exposed to heat. It provides inkless printing and provides businesses with a simple billing and management process.

High-quality printing

One of the notable points of thermal paper is that it handles pressure in conjunction with heat transfer. It uses heat directly as the primary source of information for printing images on paper. Enterprises no longer need ink or ribbons to produce print results.


In contrast to ink cartridges and ribbons, which often leave stains after printing, thermal rolls produce high resolution, stain-free prints for receipts.

Helps streamline business processes

Because the paper does not use ink, handheld devices such as pins and chip units can be used in combination with printing, speeding up workflows.

Faster Printing Process

In addition to clear, stain-free printing, companies benefit from thermal paper because they print faster than traditional receipt paper.

Printing Cost Reduction

Thermal paper is cheaper than other papers used for printing, resulting in lower printing costs. Companies can find reliable suppliers of thermal paper rolls on the Internet. In addition to being used for image printing jobs, EFTPOS thermal paper is used in a variety of areas to facilitate and manage records.

ATM receipt. Almost all ATM receipts are now printed on EFTPOS thermal paper roll, giving users access to stored payment card receipts.

Health/medical documents. High-quality document printing is especially important for medical documents. The thermal paper roll gives medical and medical facilities clear and accurate printing of test reports and records.

Ticket. Thermal paper rolls play an important role for companies that require accurate, clear and efficient printing on the lottery and parking ticket systems, such as amusement parks, cinemas, museums and other places where tickets are required. I will do it.

Annual financial reports. Bank statements are essential for long-term storage. Statements printed on thermal paper roll remain clear and visible as required. Retail store owners find thermal paper to be very helpful and are not limited to printing point-of-sale or credit card receipts.

All these benefits explain why the introduction of high-quality thermal paper printer rolls has revolutionized the paper and printing industry.