Envelopes with a Logo – Design and Selection Features


Envelopes with a logo – design and selection features

Sending a sales letter by mail or courier is an important part of your marketing campaign. For large companies, high-quality communications are not enough, and designer envelopes are needed. It is an integral part of the brand’s stationery that emphasises and recognises the individuality of the organisation. It’s important to make the most of your resources so that your company is aware of them. By using the brand mailing list, manufacturers not only talk about special offers but also create a positive image in the eyes of the audience. It is rewarding to take your logo selection and branding envelope development seriously.

Benefits of  Logo Envelopes

Despite the popularity of electronic mailing lists, many businesses still use paper media to announce new promotions and offers. It is important to create a competent design so that the recipient can quickly understand the purpose of the letter. This type of postage printing has the following advantages: 

  • Increased brand awareness. The logo is the face of the company and embodies the nature and scope of its activities. You can re-emphasise the image by designing the correspondence. 
  • Building an image of a steadily growing organisation. The more serious a manufacturer is in promoting a brand, the more profitable and profitable it will be. 
  • Save time preparing for shipment. Postal data can be printed directly with a logo. 
  • Ability to stand out from the crowd of incoming letters. Many people immediately delete “faceless” emails because they don’t contain any additional information about the sender. The letter design should be interesting to attract potential customers. Logo envelopes do a great job here. 

 Regardless of the content, whether it’s a business letter or promotional material, logo envelopes are a great way to stand out from everyday communications. 

Types of postal printing 

It is not at all necessary to settle for standard white offset paper envelopes. After all, there are other types of printing products for mailing: 

  • With transparent plastic windows informative, attracts attention. 
  • Oversized envelopes are relevant when sending bulky advertising catalogues, brochures. 
  • Products made of waterproof materials the content will be delivered safe and sound. The recipient will appreciate such a serious approach to the design of the newsletter. 
  • With a special air gap, it is suitable for transporting fragile items such as CD carriers. 
  • Compact printing for sending business cards and other small items. The placement of the logo depends not only on the changes selected but also on the material of the product. 

Brand Envelope Material 

The company’s standard mailing standard is offset paper with a density of 80-90 to 120 g / m2. For particularly important characters (such as a business), companies choose coated paper with a density of 100-170 g / m2. In addition, the logo is printed directly on the side of the letter as well as on the envelope. To this end, special forms have been developed that is a convenient format for postage printing products.  If you want to focus on the sustainability of the brand, choose kraft paper. These envelopes protect the contents from impact and are made entirely of natural ingredients. Design papers help make your prints truly original.