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Kraft Envelope


Kraft envelopes are a modern, beautiful and practical package for documents, correspondence, invitations, postcards, scrapbooking and more. Made of natural materials, it is a durable kraft paper that is in line with the current global trend of being eco-friendly. They have many advantages and make craft envelopes very popular with home consumers and entrepreneurs. 

Kraft Envelope Features

The kraft envelope has a traditional shape. In other words, it is a rectangle with unsealed sides on which the contents are placed. Kraft Envelope Features: 

  • Kraft paper density (80-150 g / m2) allows you to paste content “end-to-end” without worrying about tearing the envelope. 
  • Some craft letter envelopes are laterally elastic, allowing you to create enough envelopes to accommodate up to 100 sheets. 
  • With different craft envelopes (although most often brownish brown), transparent windows, and additional details, you can use it as a decorative package, put invitation envelopes and postcards in your craft, and scrapbook. Can be used for. 
  • Envelopes of various shapes: triangles and rectangles. 
  • There is a bubble wrap package inside that prevents the fragile contents from deforming during shipping. 
  • Special package for X-ray images. 

With a wide range of kraft paper bags of various shapes, sizes and designs, this beautiful, practical and eco-friendly package can solve many tasks. Entrepreneurs often buy large quantities of kraft paper envelopes cheaply and use them for postage and purposes. Advertising purposes (invitations, postcards, etc.). The brown kraft envelope looks very original, especially against the faceless standard model background. 

The most popular envelope sizes made of  kraft paper: 

  •  A3 (C3); 
  •  A4 (C4); 
  •  A5 (C5); 
  •  A6 (C6); 
  •  Euro E65 (DL); 
  •  C8, K7 Such. Advantages of  

Advantages Kraft Paper Envelopes 

Kraft Paper Envelopes have many advantages that consumers have already appreciated. 

  • Wide range of uses: postal communications, books, magazines, catalogues, jewellery, souvenirs, money, postcards, invitations, Minecraft envelopes for CDs, NS. 
  • Different shapes and sizes (large and small craft envelopes, thin and thick, etc.). The brown kraft paper envelope is aesthetic, tactile and representative. 
  • Variety of designs, monopoly of custom-made products. 
  • Option to add a logo, drawing, or promotional information to the envelope. 
  • Consideration for the environment. 

The assortment of kraft envelopes are huge, and all consumers can choose the right package for their task, whether personal, business, official communications or mail. Kraft envelopes are a very popular package. By choosing brown kraft envelopes, buyers emphasise the environmental friendliness of the material. This is the colour of natural paper. This is addressed by prioritising colourful models with additional details. Craft email envelopes are very popular.  Another use for craft envelopes is as a gift (mainly money). Such packages are not transparent and are very durable within a reasonable moisture resistance range. You can put books, photo albums, gift sets, etc., in gift craft envelopes. And, of course, classic craft envelopes for money. 

Various decorative elements are used:  transparent windows, wax seals (with tassel or dried flowers), bows, ribbons, various fasteners. At the same time, such craft covers look aesthetically pleasing and classy. Kraft envelopes are durable and long-lasting. The availability of parts may vary depending on the type of package you want. Whether it’s a concise design or a colourful design,  kraft paper envelopes look representative and not only enhance the company’s positive image but also increase attention and respect for the contents of the package.

What Determines the Price of  Craft Envelopes

The price of  Craft Envelopes depends on several parameters such as letter weight and quality, envelope size, design and additional details. Also, note that kraft buying kraft envelopes wholesale can save you a considerable amount of money. The difference between retail and wholesale prices is considerable, and many prefer to buy in bulk to minimise costs. The Craft Envelopes are convenient for storage in large corporate warehouses or the back rooms of small businesses. It’s compact and doesn’t take up much space. Storage conditions are common. Requires standard fire protection and the absence of high humidity. Kraft envelopes are a popular package in the world.