Mailing Boxes

6 Inspiring Design Ideas for Mailer Boxes

Mailing Box

6 Inspiring Design Ideas for Mailer Boxes

Mailing boxes, like many subscription boxes, are a great packaging option for packing relatively large items or a dozen small items. The main purpose of the mailing box is to deliver the goods to the customer safely and reliably, but it can also be used as an effective branding tool before the customer sees the goods.

What is a Mailing box?

The Mailer Box is primarily designed for product storage and shipping, making it the first choice for subscription box businesses and e-commerce brands. The interlocking flaps and wings make the assembly process much easier and keep the box safe without having to close the box with tape constantly. Another major reason it is the number one choice for many subscription packaging companies is that its double-sided walls are more durable than other corrugated packaging types and are more resistant to shipping. There is power.

There are several different types of shipping boxes on the market.

  • Standard Winged Mailing Box: One of the most popular mailing boxes on the market.
  • Mailing Box with Tape and Tear Strip: Add glue to the shipping box for easy sealing and use the tear strip for easy opening.
  • Wingless Mailing Box: Similar to a standard Mailing box, but without side wings.

Which version you choose depends on how it looks, feels, and features. Here’s a quick video of how to fold a cardboard shipping box into shape.

Mailing Box Design

A well-designed shipping box helps customers improve their purchasing experience and draw their attention to the products inside. That’s why the box design plays an important role. Fortunately, there are many ways to customize your shipping box to express your brand’s personality fully. Below is a list of ideas to use as inspiration when designing a Mailing box.

Functional Ideas

1. Craft Transport Carton

Craft Material is a popular product because it allows you to pack different kinds of products conveniently. In addition, it is made of high-quality pine wood and is completely recyclable, making it an eco-friendly product. Not only are they safe for the ecosystem, but they are also durable and strong enough to safely store and transport the products they contain.

2. Individual Cardboard Inserts

Individual Cardboard Inserts are useful when you need to keep the product in place, and further protect the entire package. Some products, especially cosmetics, are fragile, so such a package is ideal.

3. Individually printed stickers

A great way to give a personal touch is to put a sticker on the box in the form of a sticker or as an information label on the surface of the box. In addition to educating customers about the use of brands, products, and labels, these stickers have the potential to provide outstanding aesthetic appeal. Some brands may consider adding some die-cut stickers so that customers can post items in the form of souvenirs or memorable brand gifts.

Aesthetic Ideas 

1. Blank Canvas

The Mailing Box is a blank canvas that you can style as your brand likes. There are 6 unique pages in the box with lots of properties to implement your creative ideas. This can range from writing down personalized messages for each customer, printing brand names and slogans, and printing graphics. Does your brand use sustainable packaging?

2. Minimal kraft paper and white

Some people choose a flashy design and a striking and attractive design, while others prefer a more minimalist design such as plain kraft paper or white. Such a simple choice is perfect for anyone who wants to convey brand value related to minimalism and simplicity or who wants to focus their customers’ primary focus on internal products.

3. Print on the inside of the box

Uses the inside of the box to introduce other branded products and provide relevant information about purchasing or using the product to maximize the value gained from the product and packaging. It is an excellent method to do it.

With all this new knowledge, you can determine if a shipping box is suitable for your product. If suitable, you can decide how to design and personalize it for your brand. If you’re just getting started and don’t know where to find cheap, high-quality packages, go to our online package calculator and check your shipping box quote right away.