Mailing Boxes

How to reduce your packaging costs with Mailing Boxes?

Mailing Boxes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]There’s a maxim that “The packaging sells the product the first time, but what’s inside sells the product a second time.” So businesses need to be smart in investing their money in packaging their products which can only open the customer’s doors.

Very often, businesses tend to spend a lot more money on packaging than they realize. First, they spend money on package design to build their brand and create memorable “unboxing” experiences for customers. Then they spend a fortune filling their boxes with bubble wrap to protect the goods. High packaging costs waste your money and eventually turn into waste, which becomes difficult to dispose of, damaging the environment.

Fortunately, there are methods by which business owners can reduce packaging costs while maintaining the integrity and brand identity of their products. At Newpack, we have come up with the strategy of reducing your packaging costs simply by using mailing boxes, which get combined as packaging boxes.

Mailing boxes come in as a handy two-in-one option. They offer a great unboxing experience to create an unforgettable first impression and are a perfect choice for current day businesses mostly done through the eCommerce route! With Mailer boxes, you can pack relatively larger products or even multiple numbers of smaller products.

These boxes are made from corrugated boards and are sturdy and one of the most reliable shipping boxes you’ll ever encounter. They can be custom made from precise die-cut machines to hold the products snugly inside without using additional stuffing material, thus keeping the packaging and shipping costs to the minimum. They’re used to ship nearly anything you can think of, whether that’s electronics, bulk clothing, accessories, consumer goods, or produce. It’s no wonder they are the staple of the packaging industry.

Let us first review the factors which add to higher packaging costs?

Materials costs aren’t the only contributory factor to packaging expenses. Several factors increase packaging costs:

  • Poorly designed materials storage and packaging lines
  • Long package processing time
  • Paying for the boxes as per box dimensions instead of the product dimensions
  • Weak packaging materials that allow damage
  • Expensive shipping costs due to any of the above reasons

So now, what can you do to have a better understanding and a holistic approach to cost savings in packaging:

1. Improving Materials Storage and Packaging Lines

As your business expands, it’s natural that the number of packaging materials you use will increase. There is a wide variety of packaging materials available, with several variations within each category. If you are a trader dealing with multiple goods, you will need to have several packaging boxes and accessories. This requires proper planning and coordination with manufacturers from whom tailor-made packaging can be arranged for shipping to reduce unnecessary accessories. In the case of large e-commerce brands, with the help of expert guidance, several types and sizes of mailing boxes can be custom designed and kept ready for shipping so that uniformity is maintained for satisfying customers. In such cases, costs can be saved through high volume ordering of these packaging materials corresponding to sales targets.

2. Reduce Packing Time with mailing boxes

Mailing boxes serve the twin objective of attractive packaging and ensure the safety of products; using them essentially keeps the packaging and shipping costs to the minimum. It is very easy to store as these can be flattened to store very large numbers in a relatively small area. Another great advantage of the mailing boxes is that they are effortless to assemble and can be secured without using any additional material like tapes. It thus makes sense to use mailing boxes, saving both time and money and providing a great customer experience. Mailing boxes eventually reduce the usage of additional packing materials, thus reducing wastage creation which helps in protecting the environment.

3. Optimize Packaging by Using Smaller Boxes

You miss out on cost savings when you’re using larger boxes for shipping relatively small products. The following suggestions and strategies can help you optimize packaging and reduce shipping costs:

(A) Maximize packing space: Ship as many products as possible in one packing box.
(B) Look at all options of packaging materials available: Ensure to have all types, sizes, and shapes so that you do not pay extra costs for larger dimensional volumes due to limited options of boxes.

Businesses should use the most appropriate boxes that require the least amount of additional packaging materials while shipping. This would reduce wastage due to oversized packages, increase packaging efficiency, and reduce weight. Mailing boxes are specifically designed for each product to minimise packaging costs. Standard die-cut mailing boxes are also available in different shapes and sizes.

4. Ensure proper product packaging for transportation

At the back of every shipment, businesses must have a thorough understanding of the likely modes of transport during shipment and the robustness required in the packaging to withstand all types of transit damages. Damages could occur due to impact, vibrations, poor stacking, and repetitive handling due to multiple stages in transit. Packaging must be made suitable to the requirements of all known transportation hazards. Robust mailing boxes are the solution for withstanding most transport hazards as it ensures minimum damages to the commodities.


It is quite essential for you to understand that investing in superior packaging is far more economical than facing customer returns due to damage because, along with double costs, you run the risk of losing your customers due to poor image.
So hurry up and invest in Mailing Boxes!![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]