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What to do with the boxes after moving?

Moving Boxes

What to do with the boxes after moving?

Your move is over, and you still have a lot of moving boxes, and you don’t know where to put them? We have solutions!

Keep your moving boxes

First choice: keep your moving boxes. They can be reused in many ways!

Creative reuse of your moving boxes

Does the term “DIY” sound familiar? This Anglicism, which can be translated as “do it yourself”, describes the fact that an object is made that can be bought in stores. The creative trend can be found in various areas such as fashion, beauty or interior design. Cardboard is a suitable and even ideal material for a DIY project. Its strength and versatility allow the construction of various objects:

• Games and toys for children: cabins, cardboard bows and arrows, dollhouses.

• Decoration items and even furniture: armchairs, shelves, lamp bases.

• Accessories for pets: scratchers, hiding places for cats.

DIY cardboard is a creative way to cut your costs! Many tutorials are now available online to make the topic accessible to as many people as possible. Enjoy it!

Storage boxes for your belongings

Moving boxes, especially wardrobe boxes and barrels, have the advantage that they are particularly stable. They can be useful for storing things, especially your closet, if you don’t have enough space in your new living space. Objects or clothing are protected from dust. Practice!

Save your cardboard boxes for your next move.

When you finally believe that you or someone you know is about to move, save your cardboard boxes so you can reuse them at that time. Usable and others, then flatten the ones you want to keep to save.

Contact a professional moving company

Some professional moving companies offer their clients the return of used moving boxes, sometimes for a fee! You can also offer a reduction in service costs in exchange for packaging in good condition. Feel free to ask!

Give away moving boxes

Can’t use your boxes anymore? So why not donate? You will inevitably make people happy!

Donate your boxes to the community or charity.

Want to be part of a good deed? Why not choose to donate moving boxes to a charity? The latter, sometimes in need, like to collect the boxes you give them to give them a second life. Schools, leisure centres and kindergartens also sometimes need moving boxes for various reasons. Do not hesitate to go and offer yours!

Give your boxes to family members

Feel free to ask your family or friends if they are interested! Maybe they need some storage or are even moving in soon! You can also use social media, which are true word-of-mouth accelerators if you want to get your moving boxes to people far away quickly.

Donate moving boxes on your online platform

Don’t have time to donate your moving boxes? The Internet Can Help You! Recently, online collaboration platforms have emerged that allow people to donate their boxes. The principle is simple: all you have to do is place an ad stating the number of boxes to be donated and their size. Those interested will contact you to make an appointment to collect the moving boxes from your home.

Throw away moving boxes

Throw away, yes, but dispose of properly! Cardboard has been a recycled material for many years. If you throw it away, it should be in the trash! Contact your city’s rating system. Sometimes you will be asked to drop off your moving boxes directly at your community recycling centre, where they will be recycled.

There are many ways to reuse it before throwing away a box! You are creative, trust the DIY trend and create new objects for your interior! Less comfortable with your hands? Do not hesitate to donate your moving boxes to communities or associations in need! They will surely be happy to collect moving boxes when they need them. The final solution: throw away your moving boxes. Remember to watch out for recycling if you choose this option.