Packing Tape

How do you choose Packing tape?

Packing Tape

How do you choose Packing tape? 

1. Criteria for choosing Packing tape 

There are several criteria to consider when choosing the Packing tape that best suits your needs. Although we are dealing with standard wrapping tape standards here, most of them can be applied to technical Packing tapes. 

Breaking strength of carrier film

Breaking strength is defined as the maximum force exerted on the tape before it breaks. It is very important to know this to use an adhesive that is strong enough for the work at hand. In this case, to seal the box, you need to know the total weight of the box. 

Adhesive packaging strength 

The strength of the adhesive depends on the type of adhesive selected. Acrylic glue does not stick to plastic. Therefore, it is advisable to choose to package with solvent or hot melt adhesives that adhere to all types of surfaces. 


Another important factor to consider is the resistance of the tape to bad weather such as rain and sudden temperature changes. This is even more important because you do not always know the storage and/or shipping conditions of the package. So you’d better keep them closed! All of our packaged models are dampproof, but only hot melt package tapes can withstand temperature fluctuations. 

Packing: Length + Width 

Packing tape is packed in rolls up to 66m or 100m long, 4.8cm or 5cm wide. These are the most common sizes, but much larger rolls of tape, such as 3 inches wide, are also available. These larger rollers allow the adhesive to hold better on the surface. 

Package Tape Colors 

Package tape rolls can be coloured in two ways: package level or carrier film level. Colouring the glue means adding pigments, then you get a light brown (brown) or white wrapping tape. For all other colours, the carrier film should be coloured directly. 

What you need to know: Clear wrapping tape is more adhesive because the adhesive contains no pigments and the carrier film contains no dyes. 

Ability to print messages You can personalize your Packing tape by adding a safety notice regarding the handling rules or by promoting your brand and applying the logo. If you pack and ship a lot of your luggage every day, this may be the best way to increase your business visibility. 

2. Essential Accessories: Packing tape Dispenser 

At the end of these instructions, it seems important to handle the packaging dispenser. It’s an essential accessory for quick and efficient deployment of tape, especially when transporting large numbers of parcels daily. 

Usually 5 cm wide, so the width is between 4.8 cm and 5 cm, so you can stick the most common packing tape. As for the material, it can be made entirely of plastic or made of metal parts to extend its useful life. Finally, it’s quiet to reduce the noise when the glue unravels. This is very useful if you have a lot of boxes to pack.