Packing Tape

Packing Tape

Packing Tape

Packing Tape 

Packing Tape is a very practical package for closing cardboard boxes, mailboxes, or bundle bags. Its effectiveness can no longer be proven in the eyes of e-commerce and moving professionals. But what is the tape made of? Do you have multiple glue models? If so, what are the characteristics of each? Which criteria should be considered when making a choice?

1. Packing Tape Composition 

The Packing Tape, commonly known as “Scotch”, consists of two components: Packaging and a carrier film. The Packaging allows the carrier film to adhere to the surface. Therefore, it must be strong enough to stay on the surface of the water for as long as necessary.

There are three types of adhesives.

  • Packaging to all surfaces except plastic, solvent-free, UV resistant and heat resistant, but no moisture
  • Hot melt glue is water-resistant and resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations.
  • The natural rubber solvent adhesive adheres instantly and permanently to all surfaces (ideal for long-term storage) and is resistant to cold and moisture.

 The carrier film is compatible with glue coated plastic films. It can be made of two plastics. 

  • Polypropylene (PP) is compatible with 3 different adhesives and must be applied manually. Although it is noisy, it is resistant to harsh conditions (temperature changes, humidity). 
  • PVC is only compatible with manually applied adhesive solvents; the application is quiet and rises regularly but can only be used at room temperature. 

2. Different versions of Packing Tape

Classic wrapping tape

So-called “classic” or “standard” Packing Tape corresponds to scotch used only to close packaging such as cardboard boxes. To distinguish them, we, therefore, use the support film and the glue of which it is composed.

Technical Packing Tapes

Packing Tape is so successful that it has been produced in many technical models, each with its specific use. We present them below!

  • The kraft Packing Tape: the support film is made of kraft paper instead of plastic; it makes it inviolable since once opened, it can no longer be closed. It uses Hot Melt glue. It is mainly used for closing cardboard boxes and parcels;
  • The double-sided Packing Tape: the PP carrier film is coated with hot melt adhesive on both sides, so it can bond two surfaces together;
  • The masking tape: the support film is made of paper semicreped coated with glue Hot Melt or solvent, it is used for masking surfaces during painting or insulating glue and because it takes off very easily;
  • The reinforced wire tape yarn: is composed of son fibreglass, making the tear in the lengthwise direction. This is why it is used to reinforce packaging, ensure high resistance strapping or even repair the sails of boats;
  • The magnetic tape: the support film is a magnetic tape whose one side is coated with adhesive to secure it to a wall or other surface. It allows you to hang small metal objects.