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Storing Packing Tapes Correctly: The temperature guide for adhesive rolls

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Storing Packing Tapes Correctly: The temperature guide for adhesive rolls

Employees at incoming and outgoing goods are familiar with the phenomenon: packing belts are temperature-sensitive, especially in the cold season, and become brittle – or even crack. Not only in the cold the adhesive tape can be damaged, but also too high temperatures, which are easily reached in summer, can irreversibly ruin adhesive rolls. This quickly goes into the money, as in this case, new adhesive rolls have to be reordered more frequently. We will therefore tell you what you should pay attention to when storing the right ambient temperature for packing belts.

Store Adhesive Tapes – in the right way

When storing packing tapes, there are certain things to consider. This is the only way to preserve the nature of the material for as long as possible. Winter cold and summer heat must always be avoided. The packing belts and cartons have to be stored at room temperature protected from light and dry – damp storage rooms are consequently now no longer appropriate. It is usually recommended to store the adhesive tape rolls at temperatures between 15 and 23 stages celsius. This range of ambient temperature proves to be optimal. The following checklist offers you an orientation:

Storage of Adhesive Tapes: In Cold

If adhesive packing tapes are saved at temperatures lower than 15 degrees, they could become brittle, and there may be an extended risk of tearing. In addition, the packing belts can deform below suitable temperature influences, which impairs later use. It is likewise feasible that the adhesive becomes brittle and does not adhere properly. But even withinside the case of storage at too low temperatures, there is hope. The adhesive rolls are not automatically useless and do not have to be disposed of in every case – they can be easily reactivated if necessary. For this, it’s best now not to apply the tape directly. Instead, it’s miles beneficial to first expose the rolls to temperatures between 15 and 23 degrees for twenty-four hours so that the material can reactivate. Subsequently, the adhesive rolls can, at best, be used normally again. In case of doubt, a short comparison test with a “normal” stored roller helps. Experienced employees usually notice qualitative differences immediately.

Storage of Adhesive Tapes: In Heat

If the adhesive packing tapes are stored at temperatures above 23 degrees, this may cause the adhesive to melt and leak laterally. As a result, the adhesive layer turns thinner, and the adhesion decreases. The plastic of the adhesive tape does not suffer any damage; the adhesives used, on the other hand, are quite sensitive to warmth. For example, permanent storage at too warm temperatures can irreversibly change the shape and adhesive strength of the adhesive rolls and thus render them unusable. Unlike storage in an environment that is too cold, packing tape that has been stored in heat cannot be reactivated. These bands are irreversibly unsuitable in this case. However, short-term elevated temperatures can be endured by most packing tape brands.

At severe temperatures, there is even a risk of flammability. All plastics used in enterprise ignite quicker than paper. Writing paper, for example, best ignites at a temperature of 360 degrees. Depending on the composition and character of the synthetic fibres, the ignition temperature of adhesive rolls is between 200 and 300 degrees celsius.

Different types of adhesive packaging tapes

Adhesive tape has become indispensable in the packaging industry. Due to its diverse use, there are now also a number of different types with different materials. In addition to crepe, filament, fabric, and wet adhesive tape, there are packaging tapes made of PVC, PP, and paper. The carrier material of the latter three consists of either PP (polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), or paper packaging tape – the adhesive of hotmelt, natural rubber, or acrylate adhesive.

Save money with the right packing belt storage

If you want to shop and use adhesive tapes for a long time, you have to pay attention to the proper ambient temperature. This is the only way to keep the material stable and optimally usable. This saves companies a lot of money, as adhesive rolls rarely break and therefore need to be reordered less frequently.

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