Pallet Wrap

What do you need to know about Pallet Wrap?

Pallet Wrap

What do you need to know about Pallet wrap?

Not all Pallet wrap is the same as plastic films. An indispensable element in any warehouse! But why is it like that? A pallet wrap is a reliable and inexpensive product that is ideal for fixing pallets. In this way, products and boxes stay in place during transportation, transportation and long-term storage.

1. Pallet wrap: essential to all warehouses

It protects our (and your future) products from dust, dirt and moisture. It is important that the film is applied correctly. Overpacking requires more packaging and increases costs. Too little packaging can tear the Pallet wrap and damage the item.

2. How do you choose the best Pallet wrap for your needs?

To choose the right Pallet wrap, you need to consider the shape and weight of the pallet. You certainly don’t want the stretch film to tear under the pressure of your pallet. Make a good choice!

3. Do you want to apply the film manually or automatically?

The stretch film can be applied in two ways: manually using an unwinder or mechanically using a stretch winder. If you want to shoot more than 15 palettes a day, we recommend choosing one of our packaging machines. However, keep in mind that not all stretch films are machine compatible. Check this out before you buy yours.


Attach the film roll to the unwinder and make sure the adhesive side faces the pallet. Shoot the top and bottom of the palette at least three times. Also, make sure that the widths overlap by 10 cm to 20 cm.


Stretch Wrapper saves a lot of work. There are machines suitable for all packaging volumes. Download the packaging system and machine guides from here and use them to select the appropriate packaging. You save time and money.

4. Pallet wrap: Transparent in all colours of the rainbow

50 cm wide film roll is most often used and best known among retailers, but there are some special cases.

  • Antistatic Stretch Film:  This film is ideal for shooting electronic products.
  • Stretch film mini rolls: The width of these rolls is 9-11 cm. Ideal for shooting small packages and packing light packages.
  • Flexnet Stretchable Net: It is recommended to enclose a pallet with a Flexnet stretch net that is resistant to condensation. This strong mesh has a large mesh that ventilates and keeps the product dry.
  • Opaque Color Cast Pallet wrap: This film is available in blue, red, yellow, green and white colours, making the palette visible and recognizable. Build a warehouse using this film.
  • Opaque Black Cast Pallet wrap: This black stretch film guarantees the absolute confidentiality of the contents of the pallet. Your product is invisible and avoids the temptation of theft.

Pallet Wrap: Things to Consider

  • Choose cast or pre-pallet wrap to get a uniform load.
  • Choose inflation film for non-uniform loads.
  • Thanks to the colour cast film, the palette is easily recognizable and protected from theft.
  • Do you shoot more than 15 palettes a day? Stretch wrappers are faster and less expensive.