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4 reasons to ship with poly mailers and bubble mailers

Poly Mailers

Shipping with boxes can be unmanageable and is not always necessary. If you ship non-fragile items, how significant is it that you ship them in big bulky boxes? Ecommerce shipping needs you to cut costs wherever possible, and one method to do this is to cut back on high packaging costs. And poly-mailers offer an astonishingly affordable alternative to standard packaging while additionally taking up less space and being simpler to pack and ship.

1. Affordable

Poly mailers’ most notable advantage is, of course, their affordability. While mailer boxes of similar size can be as costly as $1.25 or more per unit, even when buying in bulk. Poly mailers, though, are generally only about $0.25 per unit when purchasing in bulk.

2. Space-savers

Boxes, even when deflated, take up much space. Poly mailer, contrarily, take up barely any. When you get in the hurry of packing and start laying out your packaging, lately assembled cardboard boxes can chaos your warehouse floor—sometimes even turning your work area into an annoying obstruction course. Poly mailers stack nicely and don’t need the assembly that boxes do. So you can pack more parcels more promptly.

3. Commonly used

Some retailers may have a stigma around using something that seems so flimsy. But, eventually, poly mailers are just very economical and are quite commonplace. If you have ever ordered from Amazon or Walmart, you have likely received a poly mailer. Thus, don’t worry about always delivering brown paper packages tied up with a string; a few of your favourite things have already been delivered in poly mailers.

4. Easy to brand and customize

Furthermore, to their affordability, the poly mailer is surprisingly simple to customize. NewPack knows how essential branding the shipping experience is. The price for customizing poly mailer is also considerably lower than customizing boxes. NewPack let you design custom poly mailer for under a very low price. If you order an adequate high volume, they can be less than $0.25 per piece. Then, you simply upload your design, and they will print it and ship it to you!

Where to buy Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers are easy to find. You can choose a pack of them from our online store or at supermarkets. Purchasing in bulk not only ensures you have sufficient supplies in the event of an order surge but also offers better price differences in volume.

Which type of poly mailers to use for which contents?

Anew, poly mailers work best for items that are not fragile, too heavy or large. Anything from T-shirts to DVDs can ship inside a poly mailer; however, you need to be careful to use the right envelope.

Polybag: Clothing and unpackaged materials that would not pierce or bend the packaging.

Bubble mailers: Items in packaging with angled corners or semi-fragile items, like jewel case CDs or enamel pins. Moreover, wrapping the items in extra bubble wrap helps ensure that they will arrive dent-free.

Which services to use with Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers are frequently shipped with Media Mail and Priority Mail. The service used would be a Thick Envelope or Package. These services are both, ultimately, “Package”. A thick envelope simply refers to the thickness of the package comprising the contents. Any envelope with a thickness of more than 3/4″ is regarded as a Thick Envelope. However, selecting Thick Envelope or Package results in the same rate.

At NewPack, we pride ourselves on the variety of poly mailers and bubble mailers we can offer our customers. Our sustainable packaging line consists of many products proven to work, priced competitively, and most importantly, safe for people and the environment! Contact NewPack to do a sustainability audit on your packaging and determine where you can cut your carbon footprint.

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