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How to Make A Customer Fall In Love with Your Packaging


How to Make A Customer Fall In Love with Your Packaging?

The packaging contributes 70% to fall in love with a product.

Whether you are promoting a new or existing product or trying to get customers to buy it, the packaging box creates the first impression of the product, which will lead to them becoming more interested in it. Packaging boxes played an essential role in showing and delivering your product.

When packaging products, you need to consider certain factors to reach your marketing and sales goals. As we said before, it’s about distinguishing your company from your competitors, so keep that in mind when creating your brand.

The following are ways you can make customers fall deeply in love with your product through printed product boxes.

  • Experience unboxing

When making packaging boxes, you should ask yourself, will a customer be willing to share information about the product and packaging with others? How can you improve the packaging box so they will love your product?

Think about what aspect of the packaging will encourage a buyer to share it with family and friends and think it is good value for money.

Consider using certain colours to evoke specific responses to the human brain (for example, green for natural products and black for a mysterious effect). Sound and smell are other sensory elements that can be added.

Taking your customers through an entire experience before introducing them to the product will create a lasting impression and a reason for them to talk about it on social media. 

  • Illustrations

Besides colour, images can also appeal to customers. In creating packaging boxes, you can use compelling ideas to send a strong message to your customers about what you are offering. A bright and clear image must also be printed in bold on the packaging to make them unique and fascinating.

Tips: Images from celebrities or models can be used on cosmetic boxes. The image must be clear and easily recognizable. Adding images of favourite cartoon characters to the packaging and distribution of children’s products can make them fall in love with your product. 

  • Packaging boxes’ usefulness

Most people use their packaging boxes for other purposes after they have used the contents thoroughly. They can store other valuable items in them. Jewellery and other small valuables are often held in these. If not properly stored, they can be lost. In such a scenario, customers would be drawn to the product if it was packed in a box that could be used to store other items. They may be attracted to purchase the product because of the uniqueness of the packaging boxes.

Tip: Use packaging containers sized to hold the product. Furthermore, the box must be sturdy enough to support the weight of the product on the shelf.

Boxes can be rectangular or square. Although, it must be stable when the shelf is placed in it or when other items are stacked on it. Whenever possible, choose boxes that are suitable for customer use, even if you’re cost-effectively protecting the content.

  • Promotional & Packaging Inserts

Inclusions in packaging can help you surprise consumers in unexpected ways. Create a sense of goodwill with deals, discounts, or a personalized message. Additionally, packaging dividers can help you neatly organize your products. The product is more likely to get damaged without one, and clustered product placement isn’t as appealing.

The key takeaways

Your brand’s package must make an excellent first impression. By following these five tips, you can overdeliver and improve your chances of keeping your customers happy. Your brand’s name directly correlates with the positive emotions your “surprise” package delivers.

Therefore, every aspect of your packaging matters. The colour, the text, the size, the message, the feature, the bonuses, the combination of all these elements-which is the best? You don’t have to test everything at once; there are many things to consider. Your packaging quality will improve as your business grows if you take it step by step. If you constantly strive to improve your customers’ experience, they will appreciate and respect you for it. Make great packaging, and you will win their hearts.

Packaging is an investment that you shouldn’t shy away from.

You can optimize your brand’s look, feel, and quality by investing in your packaging. Copywriting is the first step. Suppose you’re not a great copywriter (99% of people aren’t). In that case, you should definitely consult a writing service representative who can help you deliver a powerful message through your packaging-one that aligns with your brand’s values and image.

Secondly, pay attention to the design of your packaging. Bringing your packaging design idea to life will be easier with the help of a graphic designer or a packaging design company. Invest time, money, and effort at the beginning. There is nothing better for a package than design and text messages that convey the brand’s values.

An addition to the process

Consider the advantages of extra processes like Special Die Cutting, Foil Stamping, Embossing or De-bossing, Spot UV, and others.

With the help of these elements, you can give your product a more luxurious feel without putting in any extra effort or money.

Furthermore, this can aid in the polishing of your product packaging.