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How to Recycle Bubble Padded Envelopes?

Bubble Padded Envelopes

Bubble padded envelopes are cushioned mailers that provide extra support and protection during shipping or mailing. The exterior is usually made of heavy paper or paperboard, and the padding is bubble wrap. They can be tough to recycle, but you can do things with the padded envelopes to be more environmentally sound.

How to Recycle Bubble Padded Envelopes?

1. Determine if your city will grant you to recycle your padded envelopes with the rest of your recyclable trash. Most local waste management departments will permit padded envelope in the recyclable bins if and only if the envelope and the envelope padding are made of the same material.

  • You can recycle the envelopes in the bins if you have plastic envelopes made with plastic bubble wrap cushioning or paper envelopes made with paper cushioning. The paper envelopes with bubble plastic cushioning cannot be recycled using this way as it is difficult to separate them.
  • Drop off recyclable padded envelopes at recycling centers to recycle but cannot be collected at the curb.

2. Save the padded envelopes you receive until you need to mail or ship something. If you reuse the padded envelope, then you can recycle them yourself.

  • Place a label over the existing address. If you do not have a large enough label, write your shipping information on a piece of paper and tape it to the address written on the envelope.
  • Allow the post office to put the accurate amount of postage on your reused envelope to avoid confusion with the original postage.

3. Include padded envelopes into your filing system at home or work. Utilize the extra cushion these envelopes provide to store stacks of documents or delicate objects such as jewellery, beads, craft supplies, and decorations. They pile up easily into a standing position when packed together in a box.

4. Return the envelope to the original shipper. Utilized booksellers have been known to incorporate postage that would facilitate their buyers to send the envelope back. Ask the sender if they would like you to return the envelope.

5. Offer the padded envelopes to friends and family who do many online buying and selling. Websites such as Etsy and eBay permit people to sell items online, and they will require ways to ship out their commodities. Ask around if anyone is interested in recycling your bubble padded envelope for their shipping purposes.


As eCommerce continues apace, the quantity of padded envelopes is only going to grow. Many people are getting increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of what they do, making certain that simple items such as packaging are recyclable is a must.

Typically, most padded envelopes are, usually, recyclable. They are also highly reusable, so while it may seem daunting to have to separate windows from envelopes, bubble packing, you may well be able to find other uses for these things.