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100% protection success rate with sustainable eCommerce shipping solutions


Ecommerce and sustainability – a contradiction for many! For you too? With this blog, we give you a guide and show you how to make your logistics more sustainable – and thus make a contribution to more sustainability in eCommerce.

Sustainability and eCommerce: Environmental protection is also an issue in online retail

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, ecological: these are the buzzwords of today. Climate change has not only been on everyone’s lips since the Friday for Future movement. It affects us all and does not stop at any sector. Not even before eCommerce!

Especially in cross-border eCommerce, sustainability is a major topic. This is because goods travel long distances here, and customers always have their sights set on environmental compatibility in their orders. Find out here how you can increase sustainability in online retail.

Sustainable shipping – does that work?

The combination of eCommerce and sustainability is no longer a unique selling point. Keep in mind the big e-retailers: Amazon, Otto Group, Zalando, Target – they have all been focusing on sustainable deliveries and are regularly announcing new sustainability goals.

This is not without reason. According to an IPC study, 61% of all online shoppers surveyed want a sustainable delivery option. Two-thirds are even willing to wait a little longer for their order in favour of more sustainability in eCommerce.

Slow Delivery: the climate-friendly alternative in logistics

Cross Border eCommerce does not always require fast delivery. In international eCommerce, delivery costs, delivery location, shipment tracking, customs duties and returns handling are much more important for customer satisfaction than delivery time.

Because it is a fact that express and priority shipments are often transported by plane because they cannot be sufficiently consolidated, economy shipments, on the other hand, are transported and collected by road depending on the delivery route.

However, slow delivery does not automatically mean that it is sustainable shipping because goods are brought from A to B in any case. Domestically, however, this is possible in a climate-neutral manner, depending on the postal company.

Choose your shipping partner cleverly

It is not only for climate activists that avoidance comes before compensation. A principle that is a big challenge in cross border eCommerce! To emit no CO2 emissions at all is almost impossible in international online trade.

However, you have the opportunity to set an example when shipping – with the choice of the right shipping partner. Check here exactly which measures for more sustainability Ecommerce your potential shipping partner realizes in order to minimize its CO2 emissions.

Aspects for sustainable shipping

With Slow Delivery and picking the right shipping partner, you have already taken two major steps towards sustainable online shipping. But you have indeed more opportunities to act in an environmentally conscious manner.

Whether stationary retail or online retail is ahead in terms of CO2 balance is controversial. Depending on the place of destination, national online retail, in particular, can be more environmentally friendly than stationary retail.

In areas with a high density of settlements, orders can be bundled and thus delivered efficiently. In the periphery, the journeys are longer and therefore; higher CO2 emissions are incurred.

Avoid partial deliveries – for the welfare of the environment and costs

Partial deliveries in eCommerce are inefficient and also place an immense burden on the CO2 balance. Customers are generally not even aware of this fact.

Delivery quality influences CO2 emissions

Have you ever considered what the delivery quality has to do with the CO2 balance?

If you choose a delivery person who has poor delivery quality, goods are transported back and forth unnecessarily.

Several delivery attempts are bad for the climate

Generally, if a shipment cannot be delivered to the recipient at the first delivery attempt, it is deposited at the nearest post office. The recipient finds a pick-up invitation in the mailbox. This procedure puts a strain on sustainability in eCommerce because it causes unnecessary greenhouse gases and could be avoided.

The shipping option is sustainable

Once again: The right shipping partner is the key to high delivery quality! But even the best delivery person cannot deliver the shipment if the recipient is not at home. That’s why the shipping option is fundamentally important for environmentally friendly eCommerce.

In the shipping option, a distinction must be made as to whether the shipment is delivered only against signature or not. Your customers should decide for themselves. If this is not possible, a shipment by registered mail is recommended, so it is insured immediately.

The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly significant for all of us. The latest findings in research and development will be included in eCommerce and make it even more ecological. Our tips are the first step – take responsibility!

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