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235mmx350mm Bubble Mailer White Printed Padded Bag Envelope

$49.95$97.95 Inc. GST
Made from Recyclable Paper Recyclable Product Chat & Support
  • H 235mm x W 350mm Padded Envelopes.
  • Made from kraft paper that is 100% recycled.
  • Premium Quality.
  • White Kraft Paper of 100gsm
  • Blue lines on kraft for writing information.
  • Durable and light-weight for saving shipping expenses.
  • Waterproof
  • Internal bubble sheet of 4mm for additional protection.
  • Seamless bottom for safety
  • Self-sealing for the security of items
  • Ideal for shipping with Australia Post standard letter service.

Bubble Mailers |Poly Bubble Mailer

Bubble Mailers or kraft envelopes have laminated kraft paper outside and bubble wrap inside, which gives extra protection to fragile and delicate items. These durable padded envelopes and postage padded bags provide protective cushioning to keep things safe and are ideal for transporting flat items. We offer affordable printed and plain-faced padded mailers.

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Some items can quickly be delivered in standard packaging, while a few need extra care. We understand that. With our experience and keen vision, we have designed fully packed and secure bubble bags for surety of safety. With NewPack, we have pledged to provide super-safe packaging supplies in Australia. Following this pledge, we have designed extra secure and safe padded mailers to keep your mail safe even if carried through rough means.

Australia Post Padded Envelopes 

Our Kraft Bubble mailers range to adhere to Australia Post Postage Guidelines. Available in 7 different sizes, our smaller sizes are best for small electronics and paperwork, whereas the larger sizes can fit small boxed items and binders. To close these Packaging Tape is not required as envelopes come with peel and seal strips for easy and secure closure 

The durability of a Shipping Envelope

Kraft Bubble Mailer consists of bubble wrap contained in the shipping envelope. Although bubble wrap has high impact resistance and antistatic ability, it is not advisable to transport items only in padded bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is non-adhesive and can easily slide around, which means that the items transported with the padded bubble wrap may slip out of the case and, if the packaging is not packaged correctly, it will be damaged. This is where the shipping envelope comes in handy.

Bubble envelopes are made from high-quality kraft paper, a rough, tear-resistant paper made by treating wood chips with sodium sulphide and sodium hydroxide. Kraft paper is solid and flexible and can be found in candy wrappers, food bags, and shotgun shells. Due to its excellent strength, kraft paper is very suitable as a shipping paper.

Kraft Bubble Mailer | Kraft Mailers | Bubble Envelopes | Bubble Padded Envelopes | Bubble Envelopes

The bubble mailers have highly durable interior and exterior cushioning for packages. This makes this type of mailer ideal for shipping flat, sturdy items that require extra padding to survive the journey. Bubble envelopes are ideal for books, CDs and DVDs, jewellery, small electronic devices, and license plates. 

If you are looking for a safe and efficient way to transport fragile items without going broke, then bubble mailers are the perfect choice for you. Its slim profile and extremely high durability make it ideal for shipping small things that can damage in transit. A padded bubble mailer can send flat and fragile items to ensure that the product arrives intact.

Recycled Bubble Mailers | Padded Shipping Mailers | Paper Padded Envelope

Made from recycled white paper, our Kraft Bubble Mailer is lightweight and can be further recycled as paper and Bubble wrap separately. Our Kraft Bubble Mailers paper is Manufactured from FSC approved paper Sources making these envelopes environmentally friendly.

Poly Bubble Mailers | Poly Bubble Envelopes |Recycled Poly Bubble Mailers 

Available in Black and Hot pink, these bubble envelopes are made up of virgin LDPE, which can be recycled again for future use. These Bubble padded envelopes offer higher protection and durability during transit. 

Trusted Packaging Supplier of Kraft Bubble Mailers In Australia

What Makes Us Unique?

We work on the motto of going green. Therefore we only use recycled paper made out of reasonable forest essentials to manufacture Kraft bubble mailers.

  • Made Using Recycled Paper 
  • Extra Padded for more safety 
  • Extremely sustainable 
  • Available in all sizes
  • Why Should You Buy Bubble Mailers? 

The question is, what is the need?

With Padded Envelopes, you can reduce the shipping cost without compromising the item’s safety. We all understand that shipping costs you by weight, and with our padded mailers, you can significantly reduce the cost while enhancing your business’s profit. So, if you are looking for more profits, you should invest in bubble mailers.

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NewPack, one of Australia’s most reputable wholesale packaging supplies shop, offers a wide range of cardboard Boxes Pallet WrapPoly Mailers, Packing Tape, small or large kraft envelopes. The best thing about us is the affordable prices. 

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