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Compostable Mailers

Sustainable Packaging

Newpack is the leading provider of compostable mailers in Australia. Our Compostable Shipping Mailer are Home Compostable (AS5810) and Commercially Compostable(AS4736) certified and self-decompose in 6 Months.

It is a 100% Compostable Shipping Mailer made up of 70-80% PBAT (a bio-polymer that is compostable) and 20-30% PLA (plant materials corn and wheat straw).

Compostable Packaging | Eco Packaging

Compostable Mailers are the perfect replacements for the old plastic mailers which take centuries to decompose and harm our Planet. As these mailers are made up of plant-based material, they are ideal to use for industries such as Natural food, Body Care, health supplements, Foodservice, Body Care, apparel, etc. These shipping mailers protect your products from weather conditions and Transit during Postage to customers.

Unlike Plastic Poly mailers, these compostable mailers are made of 100% corn-based polymers and certified compostable material called PBAT.

Please Read our Blog on  How to Home Compost ” Compostable Mailers “ at home for more information .

Say No to Plastic

Sustainable packaging is our motto where we want to create a cycle of sustainable packaging materials getting self-decompose in backyard and landfills without harming the environment and giving piece of mind that these mailers are not leaving behind harmful toxic residues while composting.
You only require a compost Bin or Heap in your home along with other bio waste and it will need 180 days to break down into soil, leaving earth rich with nutrients

At Newpack our Aim is to convert all our Current and Future Packaging Products to Compostable or Recyclable one , ensuring a Sustainable Future for our coming  Generations